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Went 4 for at least 8; 2 small kings, coho and a laker.  
Small king on SS DW gold rasta goose on rigger slider with main down 57’; small king on dipsey on 3 out 147’ moonshine flounder pounder, coho on modified blue dolphin on dipsey out 217’ and laker on 300 copper on mag double orange crush.

Had at least 4 or 5 trips on riggers with no one home , probably hit the sliders.

Waves 1-2, a little foggy, Sog the usual 2.2 to 3.2. Got just as many hits uphill, going west, as we did downhill.

Fished 150-220’ straight out to about 3 miles north’, all hits in 150-200’.

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Can someone please explain why lakers and kings are in 150-200fow this time of yr. Coho I get because they are eating invasive species Mysa (sp?) shrimp like they have the past few yrs.

Last few yrs we were getting kings in skinny water, 50-60’.

Have a good week and if you get out this holiday weekend be extra vigilant. Can be crazy the first official weekend of summer.

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Dan - I've found they're out deep in springs with lots of east and north winds like this year. As lake warms early in season, north and east winds prevent nearshore waters from warming earlier than offshore and sometimes the offshore water warms first. However, it is unusual for lakers to move out early, I just don't think we have many of those left in SoHa. My best guess is the one you got was a Wisconsin fish. 

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I have a theory that's it's due to the drought.  We didn't have the usual spring flooding the puts lots of warmer muddy water in the lake and helps the lake warm up faster.

Ive found in the past, the coho and kings usually show up deep first before they move in.

They just seem to have stayed deep this year.

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