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We started in 155 FOW about a mile north of the dunes with a 9 rod spread and trolled WSW.  At 225 FOW we spun it around and headed SE.  We hadn't marked a fish or had a hit so I took off the big silver paddle and fly thinking it may be throwing too much flash and moved to a white paddle and fly.  We started getting into the fish once we got west of the dunes.  Here's what worked:

Time   FOW Toll Fish Bait Pole
7:00 PM   211 SSE King Moonshine Hulk RV Wire heavy slide diver, 1.5 setting out 180
7:30 PM   200 SE Coho Blue Jeans RV 200 Cu
7:57 PM   209 S Steelhead Dancing Anchovy RV 200 Cu
8:08 PM   204 SE Steelhead Blue Jeans RV 200 Cu
8:51 PM   208 SW Steelhead Dancing Anchovy RV 200 Cu
9:00 PM   215 N King Moonshine Ice Shadow Braid slide diver, 1.5 setting out 170




With it being so bright out, it surprised me that the darker Ice Shadow and Hulk spoons took fish.  But they've been working well this spring so I kept them in the spread.  I'm glad I did.



The 100 Cus (orange spoons) didn't get hit.  The green spin doctor and meat rig on the 300 Cu didn't get hit.  Part way through the trip I added a 250 Cu with an Blue Jeans RV spoon, but that didn't get touched.  A Green Jeans spoon on the SWR down in the 50' range wasn't touched.  The big paddle (white with a white fly) on the other rigger down 40 wasn't touched either.

Overall, it was a great night on the water.  Enjoy the pics.












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We marked some bait about 40 - 50 feet down in 205-ish FOW.  We did have the occasional arch on the screen, but overall it was pretty quiet on the sonar.

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Good job and Nice Report.  Haven't been on the big lake much since we moved a couple years ago.  Got a lot of projects done so hoping to get out there again soon myself.

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Awesome report.  Thanks for the detail and pictures. I am currently fishing mostly out of Muskegon but have acquired some property in Pentwater Twp and hope to fish out of Pentwater more this summer. I'll post when we do go out.

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