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  1. Nice report. You do have a nice steelhead in there.
  2. Nice catch. We went 2-3 with a couple drive bys in 60-90 fow out of Whitehall Saturday morning. A couple 10# kings 50ft down 2.3 at the ball, custom spoon.
  3. Nice fish, seems to be a decent year with fish being caught in most ports along the coast right now.
  4. Good job and Nice Report. Haven't been on the big lake much since we moved a couple years ago. Got a lot of projects done so hoping to get out there again soon myself.
  5. Thanks. Don't get much time check, been on the road. If anyone is interested went out a couple days this week and the fish are still out in 70-90fow. Riggers 70-85 dipseys and 10 color lead taking the bits for me. Green seems to be a good color.
  6. Saw A lot of people on the piers in Frankfort this weekend on the Elberta side, Franfort pier washed out most of the weekend. Did see 1 fish taken from a boat on Saturday inside the harbor, don't know if any came off the pier. Marked lots of fish in there so I trolled around in there for a while but only had 1 hit.
  7. Jarod, Welcome to Franfort and I see the Bank said high with it's usual slap in the face, it is extremely tough to fish in rough weather. Frankfort was my homeport for a lot of years and there are not many places I would rather be. Herring Hole is another expierence in it's self but can hold some good fish at times. Thanks for the report.
  8. Thanks for the reports guys, I am headed up tomorrow around lunch to see if I can get in an evening trip. Saw the water report today 3-5's and North wind all weekend. Maybe that will bring the fish up hoping for 1-3's but beats the 6-8's we had a couple weeks ago when I was there. Should be lots of boats but going to give it a shot anyway.
  9. Anyone fishing out of Frankfort last weekend or this week? Just wondering what I was missing, making the trip this weekend.
  10. I have not fished them personally but I have heard good catches coming in 70-90 FOW with a mixed bag of Kings and Coho. This is an older post but the info is up to date just joined, hope this helps. Good Fishing.
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