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Doesn’t seam to be many lakers left at the river “corner”! just in front of the city south marina.

On the pier still getting whitefish the past week.

Sunday me and Bill caught 22” ers, and Mark got a big one after I left; Bill didn’t  text me back on how big it was; probably bigger than 24”;  Lance caught a 22” burbot and another guy caught at least a 15lb channel cat.

About 10 days ago Bill got 2 24” whiteys.

No steelhead yet on the pier or in the river.

We are using single spawn eggs on two single hooks on each pole; one tied to the end of the line and a 2-3” dropper tied a foot of so above the bottom hook..

Whitefish Guru Bill swears by his single hook setup with fluoro line and even gave me a setup he made, but caught mine on my reg mono leader w/singles on a treble hook.

Yesterday I did make up 2 fluoro rigs and one regular mono to see if there is any difference in catch rates.

We expect steelies any minute!

Happy Thanking!

Capt Dan 


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