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Pentwater 8/12 PM, 2 for 4

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I started deep figuring the thermocline would be deep.  I was shooting for 200 FOW figuring I'd head in from there.  When we got out to 180 FOW we were in line with a couple of charter boats and they were pointed West so we kept going to 212 FOW.  We worked in to 180 FOW and saw 6 or 7 large, suspended arches.  On the way in we had a Kevin's Girlfriend spin doctor and meat rig fire on a low wire slide diver.  I'm estimating the bait to have been about 70' down.  We were in 191 FOW.  I think it was a coho hit.  It tripped the release and pounded the pole hard, but not enough to pull the drag and the drag wasn't set very tight.  It was off before I could grab the rod.  At 180 FOW we spun back around to see if a W troll would work on the prior marks.  We didn't mark anything going W and spun back E in 205 FOW.  In 197 FOW the high braid slide diver went.  It was out 240' which should put the bait down around 70'.  It was a Green and silver slide spin doctor and meat rig.  As we were fighting that one, the free slider on a rigger down 100 started bouncing.  The girls were doubled up and managed to land both fish.  The slider picked up a small steelhead and the meat rig picked up a 25 pound king which is a PR for my daughter.  As it was getting dark we worked a bit shallower.  We had a big rip on a 300 Cu with a green haze paddle and meat rig in 184 FOW.  This was a large king bite.  It peeled line for a few minutes and kept the board under for about 5 minutes before it came off.  It wasn't a clean hook set as there were scales on the hook when it came in.  No other bites.  We had lines set at 6:45 and started pulling them at 9:05. 

We were the only boat out that deep.  I was texting with another fisherman who was in closer - 150 FOW range.  They didn't mark much, but did manage a coho and small king in there. 
















(If you're viewing this on the app, this table will look messy so reference the image below.)

Time   FOW Toll Fish Bait Pole
7:05 PM   191 SE Miss (Coho) Kevin's GF Spin Doc & Meat Wire heavy slide diver, 1.5 setting out 190
8:13 PM   197 E 25# King Green & Silver Spin Doc & Meat Braid Slide Diver, #3 setting out 240
8:15 PM   196 E Steelhead Blue sliver coyote spoon Rigger down 100', free slider bite
9:03 PM   184 N Miss (King) Green Haze paddle and Meat 300 Cu



We'll be out again in the morning. 



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Thank you for posting such detail !! 0 for 3 out of Pentwater this AM .. all 3 fish I was able to see some part of them ,, I know better that to fish these Kings by my self ,, it’s the netting part that gets me ... 

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