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    Love to walleye fish the most but also have cottage at silver lake so I also fish lake Michael every
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    Ironworker local 25

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  1. Wow,, what a great early fall report !! Thank you !! I am hoping to fish out of Pentwater starting Thursday !! My boat has been down due to trim motor issues !! But that’s all fixed Now !! Do you ever troll for Walleye in Pentwater lake?? If you have open seat I will pitch it for gas !!
  2. Hello my name is Jimmy and I Fish out of Pentwater but my trim motor on my 100hp is down !! My cell number is 517-719-1755 call me if you have an open seat or if you want to come Fish with me !!! It’s hard landing fish by yourself ???
  3. I have a place at silver lake and received an email about a bunch of thefts in Shelby and it's getting to be out of control Sent from my iPad using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  4. Do these work for lure speed and at the ball temp Sent from my iPad using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  5. Wow has this been a slow slow start to the summer fishing for weekend warrior here in Pentwater.We mark few fish in 30 fow just outside the peir but nothing all the way to 150 we are heading south to the light house and then heading back to walleye fish... Hope this helps any of the little guys coming up to fish!!! And if your are Pentwater or better yet silver lake and want to share gas and have some secret fish call shoot me a pm!!!!!FISH ON !!!
  6. I live west of Lansing and have a place at silver lake resort for summer months but just closed it up //// I have a trouphy 190 alumacraft that I fish out of Pentwater until we close up ... If you ever have an open seat I would be more than happy to pay for gas
  7. Do you have these for sale or is it (( BOILERTROUBLE)))

  8. Hello I am very confused I am getting an email from boilerdog about these same down riggers if they are still for sale will you text my phone thank you 517-719-1755

  9. I live in Lansing and fish out of Pentwater I have a place up at silver lake sand dunes if you are ever wanting to fish with some one give me a shout my 19 yr old son just has better thing to do than fish with dad ( like chasing girls ))) I have a trophy 190 alumacraft ..
  10. Thank you very much for the info ---- I fish out of Pentwater when the wind is right if you ever find that you are going out alone give my a shout out the more rods in the water the better the odds my 19 yr old son just does not want to fish with me the older he gets so I am going out a lot be myself THANKS AGAIN
  11. Are these sold or just the bases sold would like to know if you still have the riggers
  12. I am a small boat 19 foot alumacraft and also fish out of Pentwater could some one please tell me where are these land marks I do know light house and dunes I even know the sand bar out in front of light house but what is ( bath house / the sticks/ and a few of the other names ------ thank you for any help
  13. Thank you for the report it helps a lot I am a part time fishermen in a 19 foot alumacraft that does not get to take the time to dial the hot bite so to be able to read where to start is awesome I went out about 1/2 mile on Saturday morning and just was not worth fighting the swells but am going to watch for the winds to die down and keep going until I put fish on the table I missed all of last year but ready to turn on the HOT BITE again thank you
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