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    Love to walleye fish the most but also have cottage at silver lake so I also fish lake Michael every
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    Ironworker local 25

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  1. Everything about this post is Awesome ✌ That young future Captain catching her PB 100% pure Joy as a Dad !!!! Thank you So much for ur reports !! They have helped me learn to dial things in ( Takes yrs of learning the tides current and winds !! Great report and Again thank you for sharing ALL !! Tight lines and Fish on
  2. Thank you very much !! Not sure I will try it !! Just never heard of people eating Lake Trout !! That’s new to me !!
  3. Great post !! Does ur sister have a good recipe for lake trout ??? Growing up we never kept lake trout to eat !! We would go out and use big White jigs and jig for them just for the fight !!!
  4. Hi ,, have you heard of anyone Brown trout fishing ?? Thank you and best of luck Sir !
  5. What Port are you fishing from ?? Excellent day fellas !! Can’t wait to be on the water too !! Pentwater Mich
  6. Hello Mega Bite ,, Hope all is well !! Have you fished Pentwater for Browns ?? Today is the March 29th my boat is on spring lake In Grand Haven and I was going to drive out to the big lake to fish for Browns !! Then pull the boat and head to Detroit river for Walleye 

  7. I agree ,, and as much as ur girls catch those big fish they sure seem to love fishing !! My buddy who runs Hot Spit in Grand Gaven had to do the very same thing with his 2 daughters ( age.12 and 14 )and they went on to win most of the Women fishing tourneys On the west side !!! They don’t fish now due to Careers but those girls are well known around the fish Circuit ,, he know has some incredible first mates that all now have their Captain certs !! Fish on Mega Bite and thank you again for all these great posts !! Fish on Fish on !! Fin finders !!
  8. Welcome ,, I also am new to to this !! My home port is Pentwater !! And often have an open seat ,, I do fish out of a 19ft walleye boat , some don’t want to fish in that small of a boat !! But I do 🎣🎣🎣 and Hello and welcome
  9. What a hog of a king ,, another great information post !!
  10. Thank you for posting such detail !! 0 for 3 out of Pentwater this AM .. all 3 fish I was able to see some part of them ,, I know better that to fish these Kings by my self ,, it’s the netting part that gets me ...
  11. What an awesome Dad and daughter event !! Congratulations to the both of you !! I did not see ur message until it was to late ! I will be back up Thursday
  12. Hello Mega Bite ,, I am in Pentwater for the summer ,, I have been reading ur post ,, text me if you have an open seat 517-719-1755 I will pay for gas
  13. Wow,, what a great early fall report !! Thank you !! I am hoping to fish out of Pentwater starting Thursday !! My boat has been down due to trim motor issues !! But that’s all fixed Now !! Do you ever troll for Walleye in Pentwater lake?? If you have open seat I will pitch it for gas !!
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