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Port Sheldon 6-18 pm

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Took a short evening trip last night out of Port Sheldon.  Set lines around 7 pm and pulled lines at 9 pm.  Started in 135 fow and worked mostly NNW out to 155 and then SSE back to 135.  5-6 for the night.

Rigger down 100 feet - mixed veggie stingray spoon.  2-3 (two smaller kings)

Diver back 255 feet - kevorkian spin doctor & fly.  1-1 lake trout.

Diver back 185 feet - Chrome/Mtn Dew spin doctor & fly.  1-1 lake trout.

Rigger down 115 feet - MI Stinger Paddle - UV/Chrome&Green & fly.  1-1 lake trout.


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3 for 3 last night fishing solo with a 15# king off a 350' copper in 155' fow on a mixed veggie and 2 Lakers one pushing 14#. It got into a diver with power pro on it and I had to cut the copper and splice it twice during the battle. Now a 300' copper.

3 for 3 this morning with an 11# SteelHead on an orange spoon 5 color and 2 more Lakers.

The flies on my boat had teeth!

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Fished for several hours this morning in 140-160 fow.  One hit on same rigger 100 down with mixed veggies spoon.  Got off.  Nothing else all morning.


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