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  1. New to reporting on this site but I have been a long time visitor. I fished out of PS Wed and Thursday and had over 30 bites on 4 separate trips landing around 18 and releasing probably 6 LT. most of the bites were on 150' and 350' coppers with a blue/green/orange spoon probably accounting for a 1/3 of my hits. Had at least 6 drive by's and I lost another 6 that just spit the hook. Landed 4 kings with the biggest at 21# on rigger down 72' in 105' of water on a green/orange/silver paddle with no see me fly. Got a nice coho on 150 copper and 4 steelhead with the rest lake trout. I fished mainly NW about 4 miles out from the piers between 95' and 135' of water. Awesome couple days of fishing except for those flies which were relentless!! FishyBusiness Sent from my iPad using Great Lakes Fisherman
  2. I am not the owner of the boat nor the one posting it for sale. I simply replied to his ad at one point and asked some questions about the boat.
  3. Could you send me more pics please and location of boat. [email protected] Top speed? Trolling bags required to get down below3mph? Rod holders? GPS/depth finder? Down rigger temp / speed gauge? How long have you owned it? Do you know total towing weight? Thank you Sent from my iPad using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
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