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  1. Heading that way for a 3 day trip starting Thursday so any additional info would be greatly appreciated and I will post after each day we go out. Sent from my iPad using Great Lakes Fisherman
  2. Nice concise yet detailed report!! Looks like at least some of the silver fish are moving down in the water column. Sent from my iPad using Great Lakes Fisherman
  3. Fished SH 5/12 evening and 5/13 morning going something like 16 for 20 With 9 Kings landed. Both trips out started South about 1/2 way to the power plant in 80’ of water Trolled south circling only when we marked or caught fish. First hit 5/12 turned out to be a 22# king and the first one ever landed by my fishing partner who gave it EVERY opportunity to part ways during the fight. Slider probably 40’ down on orange / silver supper slim which caught out 4 biggest kings over the 2 trips. kind of picked away at them the rest of the evening eventually going in early due to the nasty seas. 5/13 in the morning found us being the last boat thru the gate at about 6:10 am before it looked to be malfunctioning as we looked over whole heading out to see the trailers backing up and guys trying to move the barriers. Back to the fishing ...set up in 75’ heading south again and had one on the slider within 5 Mins and the boats kept coming most 40’ and up so 5 and 10 colors and 150’ copper. Orange/blues/silvers spoon only bite for us. See the pic below for the overly eager lake trout who coughed up this still alive alewives after getting "snagged" by my magnum lure!
  4. We came in from fishing last night and I believe 3 are now easily accessible. You do have to come into the the launch are via the detour which is East of the more direct route. Fish are still here ... just a little more South. Back out this morning. Sent from my iPad using Great Lakes Fisherman
  5. These have seen very little use as I went to a different system as my collection got out of hand! 2 each Cabelas 12 pocket flasher / fly storage bag 1 each Cabelas 6 pocket flasher / fly storage bag 1 each 6 pocket Walker Dipsy storage bag $35 + shipping gets all 4 Text me at 248 613 5106 ....Mike
  6. I am selling 2 each Ugly Stick fishing rods in solid condition. These make great downrigger rods.They retail for $50 and up... $50 for both + freight. Mike 248 613 5106...text if you have any further questions
  7. In an effort to consolidate my "getting out of hand" salmon tackle collection I am offering for sale the below 2 lots. These are name brand flies/meat rigs that I have repacked into other bags. 1 is 3 each meat rigs $20 2nd one is 6 each flies $20 Both lots for $35 and free freight You can text me at 248 613 5106 Mike
  8. 5 separate lots of 6 each flashers. Each lot has a flasher with either a fly or meat rig as an added bonus! (same picture with different view). These would retail from $7 to about $15. Some new and some slighty used. With time on my hands I figured it was time to consolidate....so \OI can buy more! $35 per lot $30 for 2 or more Free freight on 3 or more You can text me at 248 613 5106 if you would like Mike....
  9. As a side note...the use of different icons on my lowrance is to differentiate between seasons. I always mark (or try) where I catch fish and also where I have multiple marks. The "fish" icon was this years trip. It's surprising how often a pattern develops. If I find fish I stay on them...best tip I ever got from a charter Capt! Sent from my iPad using Great Lakes Fisherman
  10. Shake down trip for the 2020 season done solo with a fair amount of success.... Started out around 4:00 PM - 7:30 PM 5/12 on some marks from last season in about 95" of water slightly south of the harbor entrance targeting fish marks at 80" down (lakers) and 45' (assumed to be kings). I continually rotate thru the many rods I have at the ready to hit on the right combo which turned out to be spoons only in orange / blues / greens for the kings and a flasher (all silver metallic) and yellow/green/orange laker rig. Went 4 for 6 with a 16# king caught on a 10 color, a coho on a UV bloody nose free slider and 2 lakers down around 78" on the rigger laker set up. Speed was tough to judge due to the wind/waves but I try to keep it in the 2.5 range. Hit the same water around 6:30 AM the next morning setting up initially in about 75" of water and trolling out to the 95" magic mark where i started marking fish and then the bite was on. Went something like 10 for 14 (lakers are unhooked and let go while still in the net and and in the the water so they all swim away ) keeping 4 nice kings, another coho and a laker. Fish seemed to move up higher in the water column as I caught 1 king on a 5 color with mixed veggie spoon, 1 on a high diver set 130' back (see in the image the flasher / spoon rig I picked up in Alaska back 3 years ago...it works!) 1 on SW rig with 2 .5 colors with a bloody nose UV set 30' down and one on a 150' copper set up with Coyote Ugly. I had 2 occasions where I had 2 fish on one rod with one on the main line and one on the slider. The 2nd time it was a coho on the fixed slider which promptly wrapped around my high diver. Lots of "deck dancing"! Did manage to land them all. Off the water and headed home by 10:30 AM. The 5 kings I caught weighed 82# combined! Heading to Holland / Port Sheldon next Tuesday / Wed and can't wait!!
  11. On a positive note that just confirms I back the drags off for storage over the winter [emoji846] Enjoy Bill and thanks for taking the time to sent out the correction! BE SAFE EVERYONE! Sent from my iPad using Great Lakes Fisherman
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