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Replacing down rigger cable

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It will last almost indefinitely. If it does not have abrasions,  frays or kinks, you don't need to replace it.   You can also get away with just stripping off a few feet at the end if that is the only area with  damage. if you drag bottom for lake trout, the end may get damaged but it will be fine a few feet up the line.

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Check ends of cable for fraying as suggested and replace the terminal hardware to the cannonballs. Couple bucks to replace the terminal connection so it is new and strong as it can be for new year of trolling. Pay me now or later is old saying when you watch a $$$$ cannonball go to bottom or worse a probe.  Started doing that few years back and just buy the multi packs of replacement terminals so it can be done anytime anywhere.

Yes, I lost a fairly new cannonball on first outing years back and it was from not replacing the terminal ends. Can they last long? Yes but the investment you have at the end of the cable is far less than couple bucks for a terminal connector. Just preventative maintenance.

I know, folks will say they never had a problem. OK, I fish more than most and I like to keep my "balls" off the bottom.

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It would help us all if every downrigger manufacturer placed a video on how to spool rigger line on Youtube and had a download from  their site illustrating this too. I am afraid that I am part of a large  group who are all "thumbs" and have no one close by to assist!  Downrigger cable kinks very easily and messes up despite your best efforts.

You can not even imagine the frustration!


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