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Went a little north of the piers and set in at 120'.

Worked out to 150' and finally connected with a 10lb king after losing 2 other fish.

Went back and forth over the same water and picked off another king and a steelhead ( both around 8lbs)

Lost one other fish just before wrapping it up around 11:00

Downriggers with white fly / white paddle and purple on purple saw all the action.

110 to 115 feet down with a sloooow crawl. IMG_20190704_091911493.jpegIMG_20190704_091928967_HDR.jpeg


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I  fished PS also this morning. 90-130', a bit south. I started at 5:00am.


Two small coho between 6am-6:30am on riggers ~45 down. Blue dolphin - mag,  green dolphin - std. Not big enough to net, released both of these.

One 14# king in 110' about 7am, 80' down on rigger same std size green dolphin.

No other hits, flies got bad earlier today, very active by 9am. I pulled rods at 10am.

I did see a guy near me with a fish on ~115, just after I put away the last rod to head in.

Water fleas were also bad today...had to pause to clean the line to be able to get the king in. When it gets bad like that I usually start rotating lines in/out about every 30 minutes to try to keep them clean enough not to hang up on fish, but had not noticed they were active this am until too late.

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Fishoak, I think that was us this morning by you. We hooked into a 24lb king in 115 on a Musselhead Tackle meatrig Emerald Shiner in color with a Kevin’s Mistress Spin Dr on a 300’ copper. I had barely set the road out, put it in the holder and the fish hit. You gotta love that! We had a lot of hits without hookups this morning as well. Maybe cohos slapping at our lures? All hits came on flasher/flies and meatrig this morning. No hits on spoons or our riggers.

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New to reporting on this site but I have been a long time visitor. I fished out of PS Wed and Thursday and had over 30 bites on 4 separate trips landing around 18 and releasing probably 6 LT. most of the bites were on 150' and 350' coppers with a blue/green/orange spoon probably accounting for a 1/3 of my hits. Had at least 6 drive by's and I lost another 6 that just spit the hook. Landed 4 kings with the biggest at 21# on rigger down 72' in 105' of water on a green/orange/silver paddle with no see me fly. Got a nice coho on 150 copper and 4 steelhead with the rest lake trout. I fished mainly NW about 4 miles out from the piers between 95' and 135' of water. Awesome couple days of fishing except for those flies which were relentless!!


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