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Grand haven fish cleaning

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There's a public fish cleaning station on Chinook Pier.  You can launch at Harbor Island, just bring boots.  2nd dock from the left (or maybe it was a 3rd), has a board missing in an area of the dock that is underwater.  Be careful in the dark because you won't see it without a light.  Some of those well-submerged docks are getting a nice coat of slippery algae on them.  

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The surf shop is right next to the fish cleaning station: 301 N Harbor Dr, Grand Haven, MI 49417


You won't be able to park your boat and trailer by the fish cleaning station, but there is a parking lot to the SE about a block that is usually open.  I'm not sure if you can pull your boat up and park to clean your fish.  I've never seen anyone do it.  Seems like there would be room for one, maybe two boats, but I have no idea if that's allowed.  I trailer the boat there, loop through the parking lot with the boat and unload the cooler, then go and park the boat.


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