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Left the pier head at 6 am. It was a wet ride out to 60 fow. The bow would splash into a wave and the strong N wind would blow it into the boat. Started 0 - 2 with hits coming in 92 and 107 fow on our NW troll. Had our first king in 113 fow. We fished 100 - 125 fow in the early am, but eventually started working 125 - 150 from noon until weather pushed us off the lake at 4. Later in the day, 135 - 145 was the best water. Took 6 kings and 5 lakers, even though we didn't target lakers. Missed some nice kings. Big fish was 24 pounds.


100 Cu took 3, 200 Cu and 250 Cu also took fish. (All my Cu lines also include 1 color of On.) Riggers, high and wire divers also took fish. Basically worked from the 100 Cu down to 80' down and took fish everywhere in between there. Speed was 2.5 - 2.7 @ the ball.


NBK blue flounder pounder and green flounder pounder had the most hits. Moonshine UV orange took a nice king. Kevin's GF Sprin doctor and meat took 2. Blue spring doctor and fly took 2. Most hits were on spoons and the favorite colors contained green.20190518_203329.jpeg20190518_203314.jpeg20190518_164335.jpeg20190518_152945.jpeg20190518_115220.jpeg20190518_095725.jpeg


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Good job. We had a very similar experience to yours in St Joe on Saturday. Fished in 90-115 early with only 3 fish to show for our efforts, then slid out to 120-160 around lunch for our next nine fish. We pulled lines at 2:30, but could have kept catching fish as we were taking fish even as we were pulling lines. Like you everything was getting hit from 14' down to 75'. Green was definitely the preferred color. 

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