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Best depth of water to be over: 28-32
Most productive troll direction: SE
Depth of hits: rigger 21' down 45' back; body baits down 15'.
Rigger lead lengths: 45' both riggers
Number of fishermen aboard: 3
Best lures & colors: orange; CJ GOC reg size spoon; gold hot n tot with black back yellow belly and red lip; our usual j9 jointed rapala with gold belly and white stripe on bottom.
Surface temp: 45-46 degrees
Down temp for hits (if known):
Troll speed: 2.5 -3.0
Number and kind of fish caught: 1 22.13lb king and 4 coho jacks; 5 for 5.

Started setting lines from pier heads south so that by time we have all 8 lines in  we are at or past water treatment plant.

Trolled in 18-20' past concrete wall; nothing; did SB turn trolling north right next to Dimitri Georges in  his awesome C Dory, "Fresh Fish" boat and nothing there..Sea Eagle had just caught a nice brown in 19' so we made another pass south , but 32-28' on SE troll. Got all fish in there on high line back 60', 2 colors and 22lb king came on riigger down 21', 45' back also on J-9 jointed rapala but on medium light walleye rod; what a battle and fun.

Beautiful day, sunny. lazy 2-3s most of the time out of the SE; started picking up around 12;30; small craft warning is predicted for tonight and tomorrow.

Detroit River Wednesday in mate Andre's boat jigging for eyes.



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You too; when u caught that we decided to fish shallow again n soon got the skunk out.

Catch up with ya again maybe next week.

Detroir River tomorrow in Andre’s boat. 

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Gotta love the early season tank! Nice work

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Yes, didn’t realize the fat belly until I put  it on the cleaning table.

Was in a hurry cleaning the fish and should have slowed down and cut open it’s stomach.

It was a planted fish, aka adipose fin had neen clipped.

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