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 Fished 7am-12, 80-135 fow, calm waves, surface temp 59.5-63.7. Village joined me today. Nice to have those extra lines!
3/3 15.5# king, 5# laketrout and 3# laketrout.

1/1  8:19am, stb dr, chartreuse grease trap with green spin-n-glow w/skirt.  2.3sog, se troll, down 100, bk 25 in 109 fow, ball temp 41.4, 5# laker.

1/1  8:35am, 250 cu with mag Holo Blue Dolphin, 2.5 sog, se troll, 115 fow, 15.5# king.

1/1  9:38am, port dr, green speckled meat rig with yellow speckled flasher, down 71, bk 25, nw troll, 1.9 sog, ball temp 41.7, in 97 fow, 3# laker.

Meant Salmon_Slammin at cleaning station 1st time.

Great day!

2018-07-19 13.44.46.jpg

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