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6-1 & 6-2 Sterling

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Great fishing the last 2 days, yesterday we fished 21 to 23 fow in Brest Bay and got our limit of 18 walleyes in 2.5hrs. Got about that many junk fish and shorts too. It was fast action, diver disks and small spoons 50 to 60ft back and off riggers near the bottom.  Today we wanted bigger fish so we went to Ohio waters in 28 to 29 fow and ran one side with thundersticks 100 back and used salmon spoons off the rigger with a moonshine sarge and a yeck goldilocks. They took our biggest fish. Ran diver disks/spoons 80, 90, 100 back on the other side and everything got bit. Thundersticks took bigger fish too. We got 28 walleyes, sorted 10 and kept 18 bigger ones in 2.5 hours. We had less junk fish and shorts. These are the good old days right now.

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