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Hit the 9am bridge and set lines in 100' of water trolling WNW reaching 175 then turned 90 degrees ENE heading back into about 145' and pulled lines at 12:30.  Ended up 10-13 on an absolutely beautiful day.  Forgive me as I have a hard time remembering the names of all these lures, I usually take a pic of my spread at the end but forgot to do so this time.  I didn't even put the fish hawk in the water (dead batteries?) but feel we did alright without it.  Best fishing seemed to be betwixt 145-165 on the wnw troll but the other direction worked too.

1). Downrigger down 70' blue dolphin 0-1

2). Downrigger down 60' something green 0, switched to moonshine veggie and went 0-1 slow reaction from crew.

3). Downrigger down 10' from bottom with tin can/laker taker went 3-3 w/small lakers so pulled from spread.

4). Wire Dipsy on 1.5 back 115 spin dr/fly in white/light blue 1-1 taking our biggest king

5). Braid Dipsy on 1.5 back 125 green spin dr/fly 0-0.  

6). 6 color w/orange crush 1-1

7). 225 copper w/green dolphin?? 1-1

8). 5 color w/orange fireball 3-3

9). 10 color w/holograph jordo 1-1 If you don't have one, get one.  Whenever it's out the cooler is never empty.  Haha!!

10). 3 color w/something orange 0-0.






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