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Hey fellas, looking for some advice on down temp and speed Electronics. I have a Duo-temp unit that went bad, had the Walker repair guy put a new end probe on and traded out the display for a rebuilt unit. Lasted about a season then started the same crap, give a temp for a while then start jumping all over, again. Don't get out more than a dozen times a season so bang for buck matters. Thanks for your help! 

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I put a fish hawk x4 on the boat 3 years ago,  would not fish with out it now.  no issues at all with the newer style screen and the new style probe is great compared to the older versions.


no leaks. much better design,  price point is not that bad for the x4.


I had the older fish hawk version on my last boat with the older probes.  it leaked and you would go thru 2-3 9V per season.  and the 9v terminal would need to be repaired once in a while.


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