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Trolling Weight ?

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Does anyone kno of a system that tells you how far a trolling weight will bring your lures down? Looking for info for 1/4 oz. up to 1oz. trolling weights and what depth can be achieved by using these with x amount of line out.I kno speed would be a factor as well as line diameter but jus some general info.Thanks in advance.

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Running in line weights or bottom bouncers 10# mono trolling around 1 MPH 2 oz of lead and about a 45 degree line angle will get you down about 25 ft. Best bet is to add weight to your set up till you start ticking bottom. More line out and angle will take you deeper also. Like you mentioned there are so many variables. You can put on an ounce and troll in till you bump bottom and get a good indication from a graph reading.:) Hope this helps.

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Mark Romanack's precise trolling covers snap weights and depths acheived with different weight/speed/line.

Many on-line stores as well as sport shops carry it. It comes in a great lakes trolling issue too.

I have this book and it is very good and worth buying. It does not have every possible scenario, but it gives you all of the information to make good guesses for the scenarios not in the book. It does have many charts for many different lure/weight combos. The beginning of the book does a good job explaining the effects of each variable of trolling on running depth.

Plus, the pages are waterproof!

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