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Magnum Metlz Downrigger

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I haven't used them but a lot of guys are running them on Lake Michigan because our fishery has turned into a deep water fishery the last few years and the fish are down deep as well. 

The guys that make them were the original Vector guys and they make some durable products. If they make the long arms and say they will hold up to 25# weights, they should be fine.

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Coralee, we’re running a pair of Magnum Metalz rigger on OFFLINE after upgrading halfway through last season.  We are running two boom extensions - according to their website that results in a 31” boom.

We’ve run both 12 pound and 25 pound balls with no problems.  When we run 25pound balls, the boom doesn’t flex any more than our Big Jon riggers did when we used 12-pound balls. 

Good stuff.  We’re VERY pleased thus far.  For bottom fishing, the stiffer boom takes a little getting used to, but they aren’t nearly as stiff as the Canon booms.  

I’ll see if I can attach a pic...



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