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Port Sheldon 8-26 p.m.

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2 for 3. All meat. Tried spoons plugs and flies with no results.


Launched at 2 and headed up towards rosy mounds and set up in 130 fow.

Trolled n.e. into 90 fow before I had first hit around 4 on a chrome spin doctor and green meat rig down 65. Lost a small king near the boat.


Trolled north in 90-100 fow and couldn't get anything to go so packed up and ran back South of p.s. about 2 miles and set up in 75 fow and bounced around from 75-90 on a north troll.

Picked up a 5 lb. king around 7 on same meat rig as above down 70 and around 745 the 450 copper sang with a chrome spin doctor uv tape with black spots and white meat rig. Picked up a 8 lb king and called it a night at 8.




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Solo trip this am.  Alarm goes off at 4:30, say screw this I'll take the kids tonight and roll over.  Woke up at ten.  Didn't know I was that beat.

Kids had plans.  Well, most of them.

Launched at 5:45 was set up at the buoy by 6:30.  Somehow ended up in 105' off Camp Geneva when we pulled them, took half an hour to get into port in the 14'.

Had my three year old and wife crewing.  Lost something small that hit a s w r flounder pounder in the flutter up, letting my boo reel it in. 

About eight pm a wire diver, white spnny green fly out 225' got thrashed.  Stopped at 400, took a break, and then went to 600.  I cleared the 225 copper and we spun circles around it, got it to 200 and it took off again.  Came in towing the 300 copper then went through the other wire just to be like that.  30# beast, no, more like a 15# with an attitude.  Just got set back up and the s w r down 80 tapped once.  Reeled down to it, and Billy Bob hook set when it got tight.  Three year old piles on my lap and we reel in a 6# coho.  Trolled back into 80 nice marks and some bait but no more hits.  Called it at 9:15.  Great night.  Daughter fell asleep on my wife's lap on the way in and then talked about the 11 fish we caught as we rode home.  Girl already talks like a fisherman.

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