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TEAM KICK'R Winthrop Harbor, IL 7/30

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We made a last minute decision on Sunday morning to head to Northpoint. We decided after reading the weather buoys that were still showing almost 4ft waves that we were better off launching out of Winthrop Harbor and making a shorter run. Our best water depth was 270-300 with 290 being the hottest. We used our fish hawk to find 50 degree water down 70ft and ran most of our spread in the 50-75ft range. We had most of our action on Michigan Stinger spoons on our Big Jon downriggers and Morgan's coppers pulled behind Church Tackle TX-44 boards. We ended up with our 3 man limit of nice chunky coho and steelhead we lost at least 10 or more than we boated, but that's why it's fishing and not catching! We are getting ready to fish our final big tournament of the season this weekend the Holland Big Red Classic and we can't wait! ca7eacb5f694ac7360dee63173a0b8bd.jpg1d4046b44e68612a2ba0ce2e76bf61ee.jpg82ad385589ac36c67107494736590667.jpg445703d56f137496962d325db96badb5.jpg534509de50d9e0ea488f3df734bd750b.jpgfb0fd31322f1c356787407052aa95a38.jpg13c8561a09a15b450ca506604cb75751.jpg46991a7ed0fb3a61a812e3f0d425d259.jpgdf8011213f6bd25582678a16606ee4dc.jpgf9cb54bc2a0e308351fb17be815381f7.jpg



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PERFECT! Great action out on the dark side of the lake. Thanks for posting.

Chased staging Chinooks outa Manistee all last week, and had a great time catching some very mean and pissed off Chinooks. All hit John King Lexan spoons known as "Ghostbusters" and meat rigs made by the same  tackle guru.. Will post full report soon.

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