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Port Sheldon 3/19/17, 2:30 - 6 PM

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Port Sheldon 3/19/17, 2:30 - 6 PM

Last day of winter and the weather / water was perfect for my shakedown trip.

Fished around bubbler dropping lines just after 2:00 PM, also fished N of bubbler in 10 - 20 FOW.  Ended up 2-3 with a 10" laker we threw back and put a 5.5 Lb. Brown in the box.  Laker hit a mixed veggies supper slim and the Brown hit a Michael Jackson Stinger, both on single color of lead core on an inline board.  Laker was next to the bubbler, the brown was N. of the bubbler.

I know I said 2-3, well the third one that got away was a bird.  Had a gull pick up a small body bait while setting lines and it was a pretty good fight until he let the lure go.  He was trying to fly away with the lure 30' of lead core line and a board, he was not able to.  Lucky for me he was not hooked, just had the lure in his beak and did not want to let go of his dinner.  He finally gave up and flew away screaming at us.

Ended up with just the one fish in the box, boat ran great and all equipment worked.  Made a list of things I need to make and or repair before my next trip.

A very good shakedown trip with a nice eating fish for my crew to take home for dinner.

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