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A tale of two rivers

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I fished two different rivers this past week. The Big M and the St Joe.

After saying I was going to switch tactics and start looking for steel I ended up getting into a bunch of salmon on the big M. No complaints :) They were mostly cohos but they were very fresh. I did get one really big king and I actually was able to net her in the boat by myself. It wasn't easy but I'm getting better at it I think. Also lost a really nice lake run brown. Thought I was stuck on a log at first turned out to be a fat LRB. Lost it at the boat.

I came home and decided to go over to the St Joe. I managed to catch two very fresh steelhead there.

The water is perfect on both rivers. The BM is up with just a slight stain. The Joe is up and visabilty is about 2ft. Both rivers were nice and cold. Fish are really strong.

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So I have been taking pics lately using my cell phone. Its all sort of new to me. I tried to upload it straight from my phone but having trouble getting it to work with my computer. So I emailed it to myself from my phone. Thought at first it didn't work then this morning I opened my email and there is was :)

This is one of the fresh steelhead I got from the St Joe.


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