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Lake Erie 6/3 - 65

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Fished out of turtle creek on Friday from the B can to Niagara Reef. Mostly ran deep diving thundersticks in various colors 10 to 20 ft down - all caught fish. However, a newly purchased bandit (copper clown) and chartreuse/purple thunderstick out fished all others. Caught more sheepshead than you would like, but not too bad, just a couple of white bass and 7 nice walleye - very few undersized walleye. 

Fished west out of Catawba State Park on Saturday to the G can using more newly purchased bandits. Purple nipple and a pink/perch color were best. Caught a bunch of walleye, too many to keep count of and the usual assortment of farm animals (Sheep).  Quite a few undersized toss backs and at least one good sized fish. Kept another seven.

Decided the better part of valor was to get out of the wind on Sunday, so we spent two hours fishing in close east of Catawba Island. Same bandit program as Saturday.  Kept three.

All in all, not a bad trip for old salmon fishermen from West Michigan in relatively unfamiliar waters. Had around 2 1/2 gal zip lock bags full of fillets. Even had a chance to run out to Put in Bay for a burger and beer. Here are a few photos.





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