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Brads super cut bait plugs


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Been using for a couple years, where I live, it's 120 miles one way to get herring for meat rigs so I started using these., and glad I did. Black Jack, is my favorite, but Seahawk, Shamrock are close seconds. Been using on Lake Michigan for Kings, and Lake Superior for Mixed bags. Tuna and oil are cheap. Some days it's all I can get a hit on, run mine mostly off My wire dipseys, behind big flasher, sometimes clean, other times with Twinkies in front.

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I have been using Brad's Super Cut Plugs for a number of years and on their prostaff. Needless to say they much up a good share of my spread. Not because I get them gratis but because they work. I will post a link to some information that Capt Rich and I put together a few years ago. Not much has changed and Starkist Roasted Garlic Tuna in Oil remains my best scent. If you have any questions send me a PM or post here. 
Good luck,

Grey Beard


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