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  1. Do you know what model tracker it came off from?
  2. Have not seen or heard of any reports. Anybody had success in GH or Muskegon?
  3. TX 22 Walleye board port side with reflective tape down the length of it. lost with a 350 copper. worst part it had a fish on it
  4. Did Hillbilly express buy? If not I would take for $60 shipped to MI or $50 And I can email a UPS label. Let me know
  5. Let me know if above doesn't buy. I would take for $60 shipped to MI. I have PayPal
  6. Can I pick up Monday morning?
  7. Let me know if above does not buy them. I am interested
  8. how long of a lead on the slider? Do you run sliders on both downriggers?
  9. how long of a lead? Do you usually run on both downriggers?
  10. Nice work what do you use for as a fixed slider?
  11. I have the Lowrance Hydraulic autopilot with a HDS 9 Gen2 on my 23` center console and absolutely love it. I cant imagine being without it. I often fish with 2-3 people and makes getting lines set so much quicker. The lazy S setting also also is a great feature as it changes the lures speed / action. It is easy enough to install. Would recommend it to anyone
  12. Can he cast heavier ones like 15 lbs?
  13. I bought 14 lb cannonballs. Thinking of buying Torpedo weights for really deep water
  14. Looking for recommendations for downrigger weights. Been using 10 lb coated round balls and getting weigh to much blow back. Looking for minimal blow back and tracking straight. Have Cannon electric digitrols so weight shouldn't be a problem
  15. Fished from 4:00 til dark. Went 3-5 All kings. Fished 80 to 180 feet of water. Best water was 130-140. 150 Copper took 1 with a moonshine spoon mainly white with orange head 300 copper took 1 moonshine spoon blue ladder back. 250 copper took 1 Stinger blue Dolphin Hit on a slide diver out 144 with a spin doctor with proofster fly. Was on for a while before he surfaced and shook the hook. Hit on 300 copper but nobody home. Water was 56 degrees on surface and very little to no waves. Awesome night to be on the lake
  16. Looking to set up a few reels with lead core mainly to troll for steelhead. What is a good quality, reasonably priced reel?
  17. Looking to set up a few reels with lead core mainly to troll for steelhead. What is a good quality, reasonably priced reel?
  18. I was looking at the Brads Super cut bait plugs for trolling lake Michigan for Salmon. Has anyone had success with them? Favorite color?
  19. I love the idea of tying the feather / fly material to the hooks. I have no idea how to tie them. Would you be willing to sell some treble hooks already tied?
  20. Do you like the auto pilot? Was it easy to install? I have a center console with an outboard and was planning on installing the Lowrance auto pilot this winter
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