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  1. I have been using Brad's Super Cut Plugs for a number of years and on their prostaff. Needless to say they much up a good share of my spread. Not because I get them gratis but because they work. I will post a link to some information that Capt Rich and I put together a few years ago. Not much has changed and Starkist Roasted Garlic Tuna in Oil remains my best scent. If you have any questions send me a PM or post here. Good luck, Grey Beard http://www.fishmeister.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=206
  2. Got a call that a good salmon bite was to be found in 120-150fow near Fox Point so off the MKE for first time this season. Conditions were beautiful will some leftover rollers out of the north with 56.5 on the surface and 52 down 40. Almost all day we saw hook after hook on the locator but man they were not hungry. We worked 6miles north from setup in 120fow and out to 160 then eventually into 80s and no concentration of biters. Limited radio chatter confirmed we were not suffering alone and except for the action at first light most hadn’t had much going. I talked to friends who were fishing out of Port that did well Sat and way slower for them also. Decided to enjoy the fair seas and tell stories and take what we could get because my crew’s supply of smoked fish almost exhausted. I pounded the bottom a lot with a Spin n Glo and pulled our biggest LT @13# and only one other release on that ol reliable. I wish I could have continued a northerly troll because the current was pretty strong. The kicker is fixed but big motor has a fuel issue so with the predicted SE rising winds didn’t want to get too far from the harbor. Luckily it worked OK yesterday and new fuel pump on order. Once we turned south just shy of the college we at times had to go 1mph faster SOG to keep the Depth Raider around 2.2. One goal was accomplished: get a king that took drag. Despite being only 12# it buried the Off Shore board and we had to clear a side and turn to get it back up. It succumbed to a 150 copper with Blk/Pearl Big Al and Blue Hawaiian. We ended the trip with 3 hours of no bites. Score was 9 for 11 with 3 kings, 1 coho and 5LT. Grey Beard 2 color Big Al Silver/Blue Brad’s Shamrock 0/0 4 color Big Al Green/Gold Brad’s Seahawk 0/0 then NBK spoon 0/0 6 color Raider Blue Knight 0/0 then Big Al Silver/Brad’s Spotted cow 1/1 8 color Big Al Silver/Brad’s Shamrock 2/2 150 copper Blk/Pearl Big Al and Blue Hawaiian 1/1 250 copper Dbl Purple Spook 0/0 then Big/Al Silver/silver Brad’s Seahawk 1/1 3 set braid 30-80 loc Raider Flame Thrower then Dble Orange Crush Raider 0/0 1.5 set wire 70-150 smoke dodger/ Seahawk 0/1 1.5 set wire 100-200 smoke dodger/ Seahawk 0/0 Rigger 20-60 SWR Brad’s Kevorkian 1/1 Rigger 40- bottom Big Al Silver/Black Brad’s Sa-weet 0/0 change PK Dragon Slayer/LBB 0/0 Rigger 50-bottom White dodger/Spotted Cow 1/1, then Silver/Char Spin N Glow 1/2
  3. Recent reports sounded like fishing slowed and fish scattered. I had 3 young cousins who I’m sure didn’t care what they caught so I headed to where we boated 20 LT last Sat. The surface temp was up from 50 to 55.6 and down 40 it was 52.5. As I was setting lines the guys kept remarking about all the fish on the screen with hook and clusters of hooks 40-80 down. Must be LT as still awaiting my first decent chinook bite after 7 trips. We set down in 80fow and headed east not long for 150 copper color Big Al Silver/Brad’s Seahawk to get the first bite followed by 2 color bow on Big Al Silver/blue and Brad’s Shamrock. Missed the next two bites and found ourselves in 138 with waning marks and last bite 99fow. Headed in and stayed inside the 3rd hill the remainder of the day between 85-99fow running SW to NE line with about 0.2mph current from the north running 2.2-2.5 on the DRX-10. I don’t think we missed a silver fish bite but 4 LT managed to escape. Once we got to 9 LT in the box I put the Flasher Fly program on the riggers with white/pearl Inticers and dbl aqua flies 10’ separation and yup, another LT. Earlier put down a Spin n Glo bouncing on the bottom and took about 15 min to fire and then pulled that for the above. It was a calm day to fish with these young guys who did a great job. They now know how to set board lines, steer the boat and sleep on a boat so will be easier for me next time. Boated 2 bows around 8#, 3 coho and 12 LT. I think I’ll head to MKE next for the improving king bite. Grey Beard Mono 50’ Seahawk ThinFish 0/0 pulled for 4 color Big Al Silver/Shamrock 2/2 2 color red flasher/dbl aqua peanut 0/0 pulled for 3 color Big Al Silver/Shamrock 1/1 5 color Sa-weet 0/0 change to 2 different spoons 0/0 6 color Big Al Crushed Ice/ Brad’s Blue Hawaiian1/2 8 color Big Al’s Silver/Brad’s Seahawk 2/3 150 copper Big Al Silver/Brad’s Seahawk 2/2 3 set braid 30-45loc 1/1 Dble Orange Crush Raider 1.5 set wire 70-150 smoke dodger/ Seahawk 2/2 1.5 set wire 100-175 smoke dodger/ Seahawk 2/3 Rigger 20-40 SWR Shamrock 0/0 change to White Inticer/dble aqua 0/0 Rigger 40- bottom Big Al Silver/Black Brad’s Kevorkian 1/1 change to White Inticer/dble aqua 0/0 Rigger 50-bottom White dodger/Spotted Cow 1/2, then Spin N Glow 1/1 then White Inticer/dble aqua 1/1
  4. Got out early and headed to the third hill setting up in 85fow heading NE and finding 52 degrees on the surface. It didn’t take long to get bit and started with a double , bow on mono Orange/dot Thin Fish and 8 color Big Al Silver/Brad’s Seahawk. We worked out to 105 then zig zagged into 90 heading north. We had steady action on trout but not many silver fish bites. I picked up the speed on DRX-10 to 2.3-2.5 trying to cover more water looking for silver but only seemed to encourage the LT. I figured I must be in a good area as there was a big influx of boats fishing the Kenosha Coho Classic. Talked to a friend who said lots of Coho caught the previous day in 65fow off and south of Wind Point so started the rather long troll in. No bites and abandoned that plan when another call said that zone was dead today shortly after first light. Should have stayed where I was because a couple of friends really did well including some nice mature kings. Once back out more bites but mostly LT. My 2 man crew didn’t mind and enjoyed being busy with 3 doubles for the day. It was a great day to fish, that is until the winds picked up and fogged the area so the newbies got to see the lake at its best and when it’s a challenge. We set a boat record for LT boating 20 with about 8>10# and biggest at 14# came on a five color and Sa-weet Brad’s. Yup, LT love their tuna as well as a couple of bows and 2 coho going 24 for 29. Grey Beard Mono 50’ Orange/blk dot Thin Fish 1-2 2 color Double Crush Orange Raider 1/1 3 color red flasher/dbl aqua peanut 0/0 change to Brad’s Groucho 0/0 5 color Brad’s Sa-weet 1/2 8 color Big Al’s silver/Brad’s Seahawk 4/4 150 copper Big Al’s Silver/Brad’s Blue Hawaiian 4/4 Wire Dipsy 1.5 set 60-110loc smoke dodger/Seahawk 5/5 Wire Dipsy 1.5 set 60-175loc smoke dodger/Seahawk 4-5 Rigger 40-85’ white dodger/Brad’s Spotted Cow 3-4 Rigger 30-70 SWR Brad’s Shamrock 1/2
  5. Healthy looking mature fish. It looks like they all have adipose fins intact? Grey Beard
  6. Not a lot of info re recent catches out of Racine so headed to Wind Point where there had been some decent action on the weekend in 60-70fow. Decided to stop short of 16 can and work the structure up to 14 can in 40-55fow. 57on the surface and 53.5 down 25 and watched the down temp drop a couple of degrees as we headed north. Very little bait and one hook so before I reached 14 can headed SE to 70fow. Later told I should headed NE. Water color was on the green murky side so another reason not to stay. Saw a color line to the east in 75fow with gulls on it and thought “yippeeâ€. 3 degree temp break but no bait and no marks working it south at least 1 mile. Finally a small LT on smoke dodger/Seahawk wire dipsy and that would go a few more times before the day was out. Decided to slide into 50fow near the Racine Reef to see if the structure held bait and fish like last time. We did pick up 3 more and saw bait but no marks. Heard some action for kings earlier in 70 fow south of us and another friend getting bit in 80fow so turned out again. Quite honestly not sure which way to turn. Just south of the reef water color improved and temp fell a couple of degrees and continue to drop from 57.5 in 50fow to 51.8 in 80. The smoke dodger/wire dipsy and Seahawk was up to 3 fish and the white/pearl dodger Seahawk on the other side still looking for a bite. I changed to smoke dodger but also lengthened lead to 20’ and it went 2 for 3. We ended up trolling north and south around 80 fow getting a bite here and there with no pattern. We were 11 for 11 so someone had to say that and we missed the next 3 bites. I bounced a rigger on the bottom a good share of the day and finally hooked up and then one of the losses. Others reported fish were scattered and I pushed the speed a little to 2.2-2.5 Depth Raider DX-10 to cover a more water finding a 0.3mph current out of the north. Still looking for my first decent king bite after 5 trips. Coho are growing and found 5-7†alewife in their stomachs. Maybe that’s why my friends best rod was a magnum ProKing cracked ice on a 6 color. We ended 13 for 16 with 1 bow, 5 LT and 7 coho. Little motor stopped after 3 hours but restarted immediately. Then stopped another 6 times over the course of 2 hours but would re-start after about 10 min. Then ran 2.5hr to finish the day like nothing was wrong. Stops in less than 5 seconds and when it runs it’s smooth like it should be. Evidently the new fuel pump is not the solution. Taking a mechanic fishing Saturday. Pretty had to put in the repair shop when it’s so erratic at $100/hr. I thought the suggestion to buy a new engine was a bit over the top but now reconsidering. Grey Beard 2 color red flasher/dbl aqua peanut 2/2 2 color Brad’s cut plug Shamrock 2/2 3 color Hud spoon 0/0 change to Brad’s Groucho 0/0 4 color red flasher/LBB peanut 0/0 pulled for 150 copper Brad’s Blue Hawaiian 1/1 5 color Kirk Harmes’ purple special spoon 0/0 Pulled for 8 color Big Al Silver Brad’s Blue Hawaiian 2/2 6 color Brad’s Sa-weet 0/0 3 set Dipsy 30-45loc Dble Orange crush 0/0 change to red Flasher/dbl aqua peanut 0/0 1.5 set wire 45-130loc Smoke dodger/Seahawk 4/4 1.5 set wire 70-140 none with white dodger/Seahawk 2/3 when changed to smoke dodger Rigger 50- bottom White then changed to smoke with Seahawk 0/1 Rigger 30-65 Big Al green/Brad’s lemon Lime 0/0 changed to SWR down 50 Brad’s Shamrock 0/1 Rigger 20-50 Big Al Silver/Brad’s Purple frog 0/0 changed to swr Dirty Oz 0/0
  7. Fishing at Racine has picked up and wasn’t sure whether I should try Wind Point for a mixed bag or near the harbor for easy pickings Coho. The failure of the big motor to get us on plane with 4 attempts made the decision for us. Maybe some water in the gas, as never died and would idle. We marked some bait and not many marks so definitely not like the day before that I’m told a 20fish limit in 1 hr 20min. We kept circling around the area with half dozen or so other boats pecking away with maybe 1-2 bites as we went through color line break just out front. My buddy’s hot lure this spring has been Brad’s Seahawk with a smoke 8†dodger so I put one on center rigger and kept adjusting to keep it a couple of feet off the bottom just in case a king might be around. It went 4/4 on Coho. We had 9 in the box and released a shaker after a couple of hours and it died for us and others I spoke with. The kicker was working OK so decided to chance it and head to Wind Point. On our way out to 40fow went 1 for 3 and other fishing partner popped a couple and noted half a dozen boats outside the Racine Reef. That was a lot closer so headed that direction working 40-50fow. Picked off a couple more then missed 3 in a row. All misses today were tripped dipsy or board pull backs and by the time we got to the rod, gone. Found lots of bait piles there and best action was a bit south of the reef so worked that area until time to troll in. I’m not sure what to make of it but seems like this year the fish move daily as same good report last week but gone the next AM. I heard later the Wind Point fishing was not near as good as the past weekend. Lucky for us we put putted out to the reef. Water temp at the harbor 55, reef was 53 with 49 down 25. Trolled 2.2-2-4 on the DX-10 finding about 0.3mph current from the south. Ended up with one 5# king and 17 coho and about 7 “drive bysâ€. Little motor did kill twice but restarted after a short time. Back in the repair shop tomorrow and got in so quickly with a salmon filet bribe. He thinks water in the gas and sure hope he is correct. Grey Beard Mono board 50’ Orange black dot Thin Fish 0/1 changed to 2 color red flasher/dbl aqua peanut 1/1 Mono 30’ Orange/yellow/black squiggles 0/0 changed to 5color below 2 color red flasher/dbl aqua peanut 1/1 3 color Big ALs red/silver and Groucho Brad’s 1/2 3 color Dbl Orange Crush 1/2 4 color Brads Twisted Sister 1/2 5 color double Purple Spook 0/0 changed to Big Als Silver/ SeaHawk 1/1 3 set Dipsy 20-30 red flasher/blk/copper/blue peanut1/2 3 set dipsy 25-35 Big Als red/silver Brads Sa-weet 2/2 1.5 set wire 30-70 Red 8†dodger/SeaHawk 2/3 1.5 set wire 25-50 Smoke dodger/Purple Frog 0/0 changed to SeaHawk 2/3 Rigger 20-bottom Smoke dodger/SeaHawk 4/4 Rigger 20 to 40 Big Als Silver Blue/Brads Spotted Cow 0/0 changed to SeaHawk 1/2
  8. Many times I read people sharing their disdain for Lake Trout. Yes not great fighters and big ones have consumption warnings. This year fishing has been slow and last trip had 4 LT under 6#. We had a cook out planned and one Coho was not going to feed us. I’ve grilled LT before and thought it was just fine. So today we grilled both Coho and LT. My buddy who has eaten my Cajun salmon for years said today he like the LT better just because it was different. Here is my recipe for Cajun Butter. It’s great on all fish. As the recipe states it is amazing, considering the ingredients that it’s not hot unless you add more Cajun Butter at the table. Enjoy. Grey Beard Cajun Hot Butter 3/4# butter 1 tbl paprika 3/4 tsp garlic powder 3/4 tsp onion powder 1 tsp cayenne powder 1 tsp black pepper 1 tsp white pepper 1/2 tsp oregano 1/2 tsp thyme 1/2 tsp salt Skinless Fish filets cut to the width of your spatula for ease in turning. Melt the butter and stir in the spices. Place in a 1 pint jar and shake occasionally to keep the spices suspended as it cools. Use as a baste for grilling fish or chicken. May store for weeks in refrigerator. Place fish on a hot well oiled grill at a medium heat and baste with Cajun butter. Let fish cook until it appears to be almost done, then turn using a sharp metal spatula and baste on the second side and cook until done. Best if not over cooked so needs little time on the second side. Add more butter to the fish at the table depending on how hot you like your food. 90% of the salmon we cook is with this never fail recipe. It’s surprising despite all the pepper, it’s not hot to the palate unless you add more Cajun butter at the table. This is a variation on Blackened Red Fish. The butter also works great in a fry pan at low to med heat for frying fish. I cover the fish while cooking so it takes less time. Take care not to burn the butter.
  9. I wasn’t sure where to start fishing after the big blow. I was excited by a couple of friends phone calls about decent action 40-60fow off the Racine Reef and south. Lines set in 40fow by 0445 finding haystacks of bait but only 1 bite in the first hour. Headed on south troll from the reef taking another coho about a mile south angling out to 55fow finding surface temp 52. With two fish in the box I was the leader of the 3 boats I was talking to. Not good. We decided to join My Boy and blasted east. Set down in 150fow finding 43.5 surface vs 47 on 3rd hill. No bites by 175fow I got impatient and didn’t like the cold water and knew nothing warmer was east of me from the temp graph on the internet. My buddy finally got one coho in 185fow while I pulled and went back to the third hill where I had passed a couple of charters. At the end of the day I found out I should have continued east. Buddy told me 3 guys had 14 fish right around my waypoint from 6 days ago. Kind of hard to believe they would be in the same area after the blow. Always more to learn. I wandered around the hill picking up a LT and eventually angled in to 50fow and meandered back north. It was a bite here a bite there with no pattern and no bites close enough together to get me to turn. Trolled 2.2-2.5 Depth Raider DX-10. Really interesting that current on the 3rd hill about 0.4 from the north and 50fow about 0.3 from the south. Ended with 9 for 13 plus one shaker, 1 bow, 1 small king with adipose fin, 3 coho and 4 LT all under 7#. A nice day on the water with calm seas until typical SE late AM. My kicker ran like a top the whole trip and I had not done anything to it yet. Ran it in my driveway in a garbage can for 3 hrs Sunday and never balked. Go figure? I read that vapor lock from my yr of Yamaha from faulty fuel pump caused similar symptoms and they have an upgrade that has ports for water cooling. Parts on the way. FYI: we tried 3 credit cards to get a launch pass to no avail. We had a $100 ticket when we go in! After a number of phone calls and a trip to the police station we were forgiven in part because someone else had trouble with the machine. I’m told that cash seems to always work so suggest bring it as back up. I took the easy way out, bought an annual pass so I can avoid technology. Grey Beard Mono back 50 Orange blk dots ThinFish 2/3 Mono back 30 Orange gold ThinFish 0/1 2 color red flasher/dbl aqua peanut 1/1 3 color Cut Plug Groucho 1/2 4 color 3 different spoons 0/0 5 color 3 different Brad’s cut plugs and 1 spoon 0/0 3 set dipsy 25-40 red flasher/ LBB peanut 0/0 3 set dipsy 20-50 3 different Brads/spoons 0/0 1.5set wire Brad’s SeaHawk/white dodger 70loc 3/3 40 to bouncing bottom rigger Brad’s Sa-weet/white dodger 3/3 30 to 50 rigger Brad’s Twisted Sister/Big Al pearl 0/1
  10. We heard of some action off Racine so wanted to take advantage of shorter drive. Shallow bite remains inconsistent and a few kings taken early AM so headed to third hill south of town. One small king (no adipose) and a nice bow finding little on the screen with 48.8 surface so headed east after 1.5hrs. As we crossed 140 noted surface temp down to 47. Guy at the launch said a 3 degree change 185 fow off Kenosha yesterday so despite no bites kept heading east. Up to 49.5 when we hit 180 and 3 quick bites so just kept working that area picking one here one there. Too many bites to leave but not that fast. Around 7 boats within 1.5mi and a friend had his 10 by 1030 a mix of spoons and flasher/fly deepest rigger bite 37 working 185-210. Other 2 boats reporting catches of 6 and 4 slightly north of us. Bite slowed so with 9 in the box headed north on 190 contour then WNW. Close to a mile between bites taking our last one 162fow. Sure was a desert for us 100-160fow both in and out passes. I still wonder if I should have kept working first area in 180-210. I hoped by moving we might find more bow action or the elusive kings. Similar to past years this time of year not uncommon to find fish where you find warmer water outside of colder water. No visible break lines so had to pay attn. to temp. Early AM flat seas and 4 and 5 colors working. SE wind and a little chop and 2-3 colors better. Ended 13/15 with 1 King, 2 bows, 1 LT and 9 coho. Kicker running erratically so need to figure out what’s wrong before hitting it again. New gas line/bulb, fuel filter and carb job so likely expensive ignition module. Would run for 1-1.5hr then kill abruptly then unable to start for around 15 min then would run like a top. I don’t want to try to fish with the 200hp 2 stroke for fear of fouling plugs and getting stranded. Grey Beard Mono 30’ Dark Copper Thin Fish 0-0 change to 2 color Brad’s Groucho 2-2 Mono 30’ Gold/Red Thin Fish 1/1 change to 3 color red flasher/dbl aqua peanut 0/0 Change to Brad’s new cut plug Popcorn 1/1 2 color Red Flasher LBB peanut 0/0 3 color Brad’s mini Lady Bug 1/1 4 color reg Dirty Oz 0/0 change to Brad’s new cut plug Sa-Weet 2/3 5 color Dble Purple Spook 1/1 change to Brad’s new cut plug Sa-Weet 2/2 3 set dipsy 20-35loc Red Flasher purple/copper/black peanut 0/1 3 set dipsy 30loc Big Al’s doubled with mini Hot Pink 0/0 1.5 set dipsys 30-75 loc Big Al’s doubled with mini Lady Bug 0/0 change to Raider reg dbl orange crush 1/1 Rigger 12-25 SWR reg dirty Oz 0/0 Raider Reg Bloody Puke 0/0, Herman special 0/0 Rigger 35-50 white dodger/LBB teaser Spotted Cow 0/0 chng to smoke dodger/Brad’s Sea Hawk 1/1 Rigger 20-35 Blue/glow Big Al purple teaser/Brad’s Purple Frog 1/1
  11. Last outing for me was 26 Aug when I tore my rotator cuff when I tripped and fell awkwardly crossing the trailer tongue so I was excited to test the water and the shoulder. This was also first time with the new transom beautifully re-done during my hiatus. We headed out of Kenosha harbor 0530 finding 48.5 surface temp and setup on the edge of their hill in 65fow. The 6mph forecast was off and more like double that plus gusts with lots of white caps. First 2 bites came on an experiment attaching 8†red/silver Big Al’s to my dipsy snubber, leader to 6†red/silver with 42†lead to Brad’s Mini cut plug Hot Pink 3 set 20 loc. I saw a similar setup on TV and thought all that commotion would attract Coho. Later similar setup on 1.5 set wire dipsy 50loc and Brad’s mini Lady Bug took our biggest bow. Only those two bites by 130fow and didn’t want to go further east in those 3 footers so headed back to the hill where I had marked some fish. We speared a few waves quartering SW taking 3 that slid some water onto my bow deck that cascaded over the windshield on to our laps. No danger just sloppy. Got to the edge of the hill 70fow for our next bite then worked south along the edge to 1mi north of IL state line. We had 7 in the box by then and wondering if we should chance it and troll to shallow water but around 915 wind backed off. Cconsidering all the charters we saw were east of us turned out. When we hit 135 fow had 3 quick ones so finished our day working those waypts boxing another 5. Brad’s has some new Thin Fish colors you can see on their Face Book page. I gave the Wonder Bread a little time but changed to last year’s hot Thin Fish Dark Copper 30 back on mono that took 2 bows and a Coho. Similar setup on other side with Gold/Red took a bow and a Coho. Ended 15 for 16 with 6 bows and 9 Coho and nothing over 5#. The camera battery was low so only one picture. Surface temp out there was 43.5 and 42.5 down 50. DX-10 Depth Raider speed 2.2-2.5. Marked very little in deep water but what we did was 80 down to the bottom. Looks like rain in the forecast the next few days with easterly winds so may be awhile before hitting the big pond. Crappies are on their beds. Shoulder held up! Grey Beard Mono 30’ Wonderbread ThinFish 0-0 change to Dark Copper 3/ 3 Mono 30’ Red/black squiggles 0-0 change to Gold/Red 2/ 2 Mono 30’ 3/8 oz sinker Red Flasher/LBB peanut fly 2/ 2 2 color Red Flasher double aqua peanut 1/1. Change to 3 color 1/1 2 color Red Flasher purple/copper/black peanut 0-0 chng to mini Hot Pink 1/1 5 color Brad’s new cut plug Sa-Weet 1/1 3 set dipsy 25loc Red Flasher purple/copper/black peanut 2/2 3 set dipsy 30loc Big Al’s doubled with mini Hot Pink 1-2 1.5 set dipys 25 to 50 loc Big Al’s doubled with mini Lady Bug 1/1 Rigger 8’ to 20’ Red Flasher double aqua peanut 0/0 chng to SWR reg dirty Oz 0/0 Rigger 40-135 white dodger/LBB teaser Spotted Cow 0/0 chng to new Twisted Sister 0/0 Rigger 15-50 Red Flasher/LBB peanut fly change to Big Al and mini Wonderbread 0/0
  12. Temp was 39.3 when we crossed through the north gap and only 40.8 when we started setting lines in 40fow just south of the north gap. We got all the lines in before the first hit which was a small 3yr old 30 down back 15 passes on a Raider Double Purple Spook. Once the 9.9 Yamaha was warmed up I found the shifter was frozen and didn’t thaw out until around 9AM. I don’t like trolling with the 200 Yamaha as always concerned about fouling the plugs but had already added Stabil and carb cleaner so no problem. Fishing was not as fast and furious as last couple of times and never found any suspended bait the entire trip. We did mark some stuck to the bottom in 40-55fow and a few hooks where we found most of our fish from St Mary’s to the Filter. We were sliding on the icy deck while sweating with too many clothes until around 10. Every rod got hit today but the boards were the most productive. The experiment with the dipsy found the OffShore release popping too easily with a regular dipsy but did work with a smaller dipsy and took 3 fish. Riggers with SWRs were hot last time but today pretty quiet. Most of the salmon came late AM and 2 of the 3 yr olds after noon. We were looking for our last fish when the 6 color fired, just the way one would hope to end the year, a 13.5# screamer on 3F Chart/orange Evil Eye. All the 3 yr olds took line like they were much larger and assume it has to do with the cold water. The Lakers have shown up releasing 5 dandies up to around 15#. We took a picture of one we assumed to be a Red Fin but our pic didn’t do it’s great colors any justice. The surface temp and down temp on the Depth Raider down as deep as 25’ were the same all day and trolling speed was 2.2-2.5(old Depth Raider 1.8-2.1). Best setups 3,4 & 5 color reg Dirty Oz, Dipsy back 40 then out 65 Brad’s Wonderbread, 6 color Spotted Cow then 3F Char/orange Evil Eye, SWR down 20 Brads Bloody Nose and other SWR down 30 NBK. We ended up with only 19 in the box as someone miscounted. 7 Chinooks with 4 3yr olds and the rest were browns and some pretty nice ones that are headed for the smoker. I wasn’t ready yet but the forecast looks really cold this weekend so sadly we fogged the engines and pulled the electronics and heading for the barn tomorrow for another long winter. Tight lines and full coolers, Grey Beard
  13. The fish didn’t move too far from Sunday marking bait and hooks in 40fow a bit north of N Gap. It didn’t start out fast and furious like Sunday but once just north of the Filter had four quick bites and that general area from 38-55fow produced for us and others. The west winds had cooled the water a couple of degrees finding 47 on the surface and 43.5 down 20 but fluctuated a bit depending on location. With this cold water and expecting mostly browns kept Depth Raider at 2.1-2.4mph(0.4mph slower for older model). We caught fish as far north as the weather buoy but more fish closer to the filter. We were up north when they seemed to turn on around 930 for the boats back there and seemed to slow again by the time we got back. There would be periods of quiet then 2 to 3 bites close together. Definitely more bait off the bottom south of the filter. The hot ticket was again my version of Dirty Oz in regular size(taped old Raider spoons half glow like on Strike Zone Rotten Banana and half Oz aka Oil Slick) and silver belly on a five color. Interesting thing was the regular size took 4 bites rather early while the mag version on the other 5 color took zero. Quite a surprise considering the size of the alewife in their stomachs at around 5†for some. Again too busy to keep absolute track of what worked and last night no time for writing a fresh report because of the prep for today’s colonoscopy that thankfully read as normal. Glad that’s over. Riggers with SWRs at 20 and 25’ with Mag Slime Ball and Brad’s Blue Hawaiian out performed dipsys that were all set shallow and only 4 bites on them with various flasher/Brad’s or spoons but the old reg Miss Thing fired a couple of times with 50loc hearing others were getting some bites on purple. 3 color with 5F White/blue Evil only 2 bites but one was the biggest king at 12.4#. 4 color with the Mag Orange Easter egg quiet as was replacement Andy Reeker that drug around a small chin for too long. 6 and 7 color Spotted Cow stayed busy but 5 colors ruled the day. Kept two 3 yr and one two yr old chinook. Nice surprise was running into some bit browns boxing 4 Seaforellens from 8-11# and 4 others over 5# and remainder of our 20 fish the small browns. Craig brought along some of his smoked brown and for those of you who berate their eating quality might be pleasantly surprised. Hope the wind forecast for Sunday drops so we can take advantage of this action. It was exactly 2 years ago that Boog, Bob, Eyechaser and myself were out and taking a picture of 20 chins by 0830(pic attached). Just picking on you guys that puts your boats away. Grey Beard
  14. Marked bait in 40fow on way out so set lines south of St. Mary’s. Got all the lines out before getting bit taking a big 2yr old(6#) on 4 color Mag Glow Easter Egg. Then a double on 3 yr olds, reg Dirty Oz 5 color and 25’ rigger with Big Al Blue UV and Brad’s Blue Hawaiian but the leader broke on that screamer so only landed one. Mag Slimeball fired SWR down 20’ another large fish that escaped. Then it turned into a brown fest on a variety of baits but mostly spoons. Hottest was the Dirty Oz that I put on both 5 colors and the other side SWR down 25 plus a dipsy and all took fish. Kind of lost track of stuff today as was pretty busy and have to go BBsit the grandkids so a rushed report. Good news was the salmon in the middle was 18# on my very accurate digital and you can see the others were decent also. Three of our 3 yr olds came north of the filter in 45fow after 11 AM, 4 color, 5 color and 25’ SWR with lures as above. Water was high fortys on the surface and 45 down 25’ pushing the Depth Raider at 2.4-2.6(subtract 0.4mph for old version). Some very big pods of bait mostly under 45fow. We kept 8 salmon and 12 browns and they were mostly the small version but one Seaforellen around 7# and threw back around 10 fish. Wish I could go tomorrow as that was the best day I’ve had in quite a while. Grey Beard
  15. Red Rider has been keeping me informed about the fishing at Port and the dandy Cohos so decided to see for ourselves. It was a little choppy as we set lines in 160fow just a little south of town finding temps in the 50s down 50. Didn’t mark much because my locator not working right and think I lost the broad band sounder for my Lowrance. At least it wasn’t the 113. 55’ rigger started the day with White/glow Inticer/Spotted Cow taking out first big Coho over 10#. Fired again at 185fow part of a double but the 40’ Mag Blue Knight didn’t stick. We stuck around that area until about 7 AM finding ourselves 3 for six. Red Rider was lighting them up south of us so instead of heading east as planned headed south. No bites for close to 2 hours then went 3 for 4 in about 30 min in 220. Worked that area for a while but must have cleaned them out. Moved into 190 where Reid had completed his box and picked up a couple more. Got the 113 working by disconnecting the Ethernet to broad band sounder and did mark some fish 50-60 down. Broad band did make a difference in how things show up but not sure I want to buy another one. Current was around 0.5mph from the north so quite a difference in rpms to keep the Depth Raider around 2.2-2.5(old unit 1.8-2.1). The wind let up and it turned into a nice summer like day. Ended 11 for 16 with 5 of 6 Coho between 10 and 12.25# and both bows just as big. Nicest box of Coho I’ve ever put together. Surprise of the day was pulling a brown in 220fow on the 6 color. Missed the slam as unable to find a chin. Hope to go back Friday with one of Reid's flys. Grey Beard 40-50’ rigger Blue Knight 0-1, Big Al UV Blue/LBB teaser/Seahawk 1-2. 55-70’ rigger White/glow Inticer/Spotted cow 2 for 3 45-60’ rigger Mag Frozen nose 0-0, Flasher/Naught leprechaun 0-0, Big Al/LBB teaser/Seahawk 0-0 1.5 set Wire Dipsy 80-140 Chart/glow Spindocter LBB 1-1, ProKing Flasher/dbl aqua 0-0 1.5 set Wire Dipsy 100-155 White Inticer/Happee Meal 0-0, ProKing Flasher/Hypnotist 1-1 3 set wire 50-100 various spoons not hits last 5 outings 4 color Mag Glow Easter egg 0-0 pulled 7 color Mag Glow Slime Ball 0-0 pulled 6 color reg Sister sledge 1-1 10 color LBB teaser/Brad’s Black Jack 1-1 10 color Mag Fussy Bear Blue tail 0-0, Reg blue/silver Trixee 1-1 175 copper LBB Teaser/Blue Hawaiian 2-3 200 copper Big Al UV Blue/LBB teaser/Blue Hawaiian 1-2 300 copper purple Teaser/Holovorkian 0-0 pulled for 250 copper mag Bloody Death 0-0
  16. I'm on Brad's prostaff and have had great success using them for the last 4 yrs. I will post a link to something Capt Rich and I put together 3 yrs ago that will give you some information(http://www.fishmeister.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=206). Currently 99% of the time I use Starkist Rosted Garlic Tuna in Oil. I don't have the time to go into why garlic but for me way better than just tuna in oil. The inventor continues to use garlic tuna on the Columbia River take numerous kings over #30. I troll on the slow side with GPS SOG 2.2-2.4 (Depth Raider 1.8-2mph) with Brad's and think slow is better than fast. I run 42" leads and use them with dodger, dodgers and teasers, Inticer and Big Al Flashers with or without teasers on riggers and dipsys. On lead core and Copper run naked or with teasers and not often with flashers although experimenting with Big Al 8" as very little drag. There a many colors that work for me and the hot one changes just like with spoons. Currently Spotted Cow(aka glow ghost with green dots) is my best and works under all light conditions. Early AM Happee Meal good because it's their only extended glow at this point. Other recent hot colors Blue Hawaiian, Shamrock, Seahawk, Lemon Lime, Lady Bug. Early summer was Bloody Nose, NBK, Purple Frog and Mt Doo. I refresh my tuna when I can't smell it. I ALWAYS clean the lure and the sponge at the end of every outing. I still run Flasher/fly, glow spoons and Js early AM. The tuna scented baits are not going to out produce other stuff when the bite is hot at first light. However once the bite slows the tuna often takes over. Grey Beard
  17. Nice catch and with a healed back more big fish to come. Grey Beard
  18. I awoke at 330 and no surprise after doing same for the last week. The forecast for today said time to go home and call it another year of great times fishing Salmon A Rama. No board winners this year but lots of bites boating 132 over the 6 days of fishing and missing close to 80. I could not get the shallow king bite figured out so by 7AM I would blast out to 220-260 and enjoy some of the best quality Coho and rainbow fishing I’ve ever had. They weren’t everywhere but one morning it seemed we could get bit only going north and quite a current so stayed on that track for 5 miles and got bit the whole way. The big kings were hard for us to find and looking at the leader board shows they are around and the weights reminds me of years gone by. We would setup in the dark on structure with lots of bait and good temps and sometimes not one bite. Some days I’d run a mixed spread of flashers, spoons and Brad’s. Another day fished the 3rd hill with a Milwaukee spread of 6 white flashers and flys and nadda. The last day we fished glow spoon spread off Can 14 and bumped the structure finding tons of bait but not a lot of hooks. We teamed up on a fish that hit a 5 color and a mag glow I got in a grab bag. The way it ran I was worried it was foul hooked and had to circle it 3 times to bring it to the net. It was hooked right in the mouth and weighed in at 23.8#, the biggest in I can’t remember how long but at least 8 yrs. I kind of forgot how tuff those 20#+ are and looking forward to more challenges. My out deep spread didn’t change a lot because it just kept working. The thermocline was down around 45’ with 59 at 35’, 56 at 40’, 52 at 45’ and 49 at 55’ so a nice break. Riggers were typically set at 40, 50 and 60 and 50’ most active and 60 the least. Dipsys were set on 3 out 75-90 and 80-120. Best setup on the dipsys was a smoked Opti with an oval of Oz tape and dbl aqua fly. Other dipsy varied a bit but Big Al Flasher in Green with Brad’s Mountain Doo was good. Every day the 50’ rigger was always Big Al with UV blue, LBB teaser and Brad’s Seahawk. 40’ rigger I’d use the same but didn’t fire as often til I changed to Big Al Green/Gold with green/lbb teaser and Brad’s Lemon Lime. Deep rigger was always Spotted Cow with either white or smoke dodger or Big Al’s in pearl glow and was good but the quietest. Riggers by far out performed dipys and boards. I think that very “noisy†spread sucks in Coho in open water. Using the Big Als vs dodgers allowed me to push my Depth Raider speed to 2-2.3(old so add 0.4mph for GPS matching on new Depth Raider). Will have to see how that kind of spread works for kings. Stud on the boards was a 5 color with a 3F orange/chart Evil Eye taking multiple nice bows and a couple of coho. Fullcores and 175 copper took the bulk of the hits using various Brad’s cut plugs, some with Big Als and most with teasers. You wonder about teasers and so do I. Brad’s Kevorkian with a purple/LBB teaser on 175 copper that puts it in the rigger range was working well. I only have on purple teaser so put out a naked Kevorkian on the 8 color which should be in the same depth range as the 175 copper. Copper hits 4 and 8 color nadda. I’m making more purple teasers. One of my biggest screamers was on a Shamrock with a teaser and the 75# snap opened. Ugh. Wish I was out there, Grey Beard
  19. A little update on Salmon A Rama and fishing at Racine. Fish are where you find them and that sure changes. We pre fished Friday and out deep struggled so we decided to look shallow for browns. Found some near the Racine reef hitting a quad before we had all the lines in. Shallow leadcores with Andy Reekers and 3F Evil Eyes were the ticket. We decided to box our 4 and leave them for the AM and Super Sweeps so scouted Wind Pt and no bites there. The plan for Super Sweeps was score ten browns then go find some kings for weight. First part of plan worked getting 6 on at once first pass and boxing 5. Had a big brown on for quite a while and saw it jump so know it was in the teens. It bull dogged as big ones do and stayed down next to the boat and just popped of. UGH!!!By 615 had around 20 bites and headed east for salmon. We caught a couple of coho in 120fow south of town and released 2 and kept on Laker. Finally had a king bite on Brad’s Shamrock and teaser on 200 copper and screamed out like I can’t remember. The board was almost out of sight and then the fish was gone. It opened a 75# snap!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very sad to lose a fish in a tourney due to equipment failure. Nine browns and one Laker did get us 11th but just like Kenosha, 2 lbs short for a check. We went south of town for 2 on a Boat contest and fish 55-110fow looking for Chinooks and never had a bite in 2 hours. We pulled lines and ran back to “Brownville†and managed to go 8 for 10 on same sets as the day before. Hot rig in 30fow was 2 color and 3F Evil Eye Chicken Pox. We were very surprised that 2 fish short of our 10 limit would place us 15th and get a check albeit not enuf to cover our entry. Lots of others now know where the browns are and they continue to cooperate and some in the teens being taken. The water is cooling with the SE winds and the Chinooks are also coming shallow from their deep water haunts. Once the contests were over we were given a valuable tip from one of the best tournament fisherman that lots of coho and bows were in 220-260fow. We headed out at 4pm and done by 715 with over 30 bites. Couldn’t keep them hooked up plus I had been out so couldn’t box a limit. A number of coho 8+lb coming down 40-60 on riggers. Dipsys 80 & 120, 2 full cores, 175 and 200 copper. I ran all Brad’s cut plugs except one 7 color with orange spoon. Temp on the Depth Raider 56 down 40 and 52 down 45 so a crisp break. Below 45 into the 40s and marking a lot of fish in top 80’ This AM tried the edge of the 3rd hill with a glow spoon and flasher fly king spread and 1.5hr and finally a coho on a wire dipsy. We pull and ran back to last nights numbers and had a repeat performance with around 40 bites!! Last night and today I experimented with Big Al’s Flashers that I got as freebie/prizes at Salmon A Rama and was really pleased with how they performed. I ran them on 2 full cores with teasers and Brad’s, 2 downriggers same and 1 copper and one dipsy. Every setup fired. I stared last pm with a green Inticer and LBB and took one of the first bites and then went dead on 45’ rigger. I pulled it for a Big Al’s flasher UV Blue/glow cracked ice with a LBB teaser and Brad’s Seahawk. It fired 4 times in the next 1/2HR. Put same on 45 and 55’ rigger this AM and crazy good. Brad’s cut plugs have their own action so the attractor doesn’t have to work them and Big Al’s looked like a great fit and so far it is. They don’t pull as hard on copper and leadcore as do Inticers so that’s a definite benefit. When you look back in the water at the flasher plus teaser and then the bright cut plug you sure can see them from a distance. But I wonder why the salmon hit such a combo but they do with a vengeance. Next effort is to use them in Chinook infested water to see if they like them. Out deep only Lakers , bows and tons of coho. The only problem I encountered with Big Al’s flasher was twice while setting a full core the flasher tangled back on the teaser and pulled very hard to get back in and un do. I think because of the way it cuts through the water they are able to fall back faster than the teaser. No more problems since keeping a little more tension on the line while setting. Weather permitting I plan to fish for 4 more days and still looking for the Big One. Grey Beard
  20. Josh, I wish I had read your report before going out. Rumor was you were between first and second hill so we set up short of the fish. Turns out ours were in same depth as your catch. Nice to see all that bait and fat fish. Grey Beard
  21. The old Yamaha sputtered a bit this AM having been off the water for over 2 wks. Headed out of the Racine harbor 0435 finding 64 on the surface and set up between the first and second hill. Told some kings caught there yesterday and marked a lot of bait and 58 down 40. Should have dropped down further as it turned out probably that temp to the bottom in 65fow. Wed didn’t get bit until over the second hill a dink king on LBB/White Inticer 75loc. Put it back out and rod went limp. Tried to put 10’ mono in front of the wire to keep the wire on the reel and must need a lesson in tying Albright because everything was gone!! We were across the hill and out to 130fow around 630 sitting a Coho and a small king and surface temp 61. Turned back in and a little north and once back in the 90s the fish started biting and worked the 80 to 95’ level east west troll the rest of the AM finding only 57 down 71. Mostly ran 2.2-2.6 on my NEW Depth Raider that registers the same as SOG if no current. I found that to be way easier on the old brain vs adding 0.4. I like that you can see on the larger display your signal strength and battery strength. I didn’t take time to check the surface temp vs the Lowrance as the Depth Raider Temp is now adjustable. It was a Spotted Cow day for sure and my crew plans to drink some later today. White dodger/Spotted Cow took 7 on 80’ rigger and eventually put it on the probe rigger with a smoke dodger and fired twice. Put it on 300 copper with a LBB teaser and no dodger and took the second biggest fish @16.5#. Only board bite early was a 5 color Dbl Purple Spook and a nice bow. Always nice when the riggers are working along with wire dipsys. Pulled all the lead and switched to copper to get the boards to fire a bit in the warm water. Sitting on 13 around 0945 when the wire dipsy 180loc Dbl Aqua/Grn Inticer/glow/silver fired and didn’t stop till the counter was at 650 and Nate said “Oh my gosh this will be awhileâ€. He started gaining a little and the 300 copper board took off and was buried. Could hardly see the board when it came back up and the fish that splashed looked like it was in the next county! We managed to get the double in with the biggest Chinook we’ve boated in a long time at 22.5#. Ended with 4 kings, 3LT, 1 bow and 7 Coho and a couple small fish thrown back. Really happy to see the warm water bringing the kings back. Tons of bait where we were with some hooks lurking about. Talked to a couple of other boats at the cleaning station with 5-6 fish each and remarked their big kings came late in the day. Looking forward to Salmon A Rama. Happy 4th. Grey Beard 80-140loc 1.5 set wire white dodger/Brad’s Bloody nose 0, Brad’s NBK 1-1 60-180loc 1.5 set wire White Inticer/ Naughty Leprechaun 2-3, Grn Inticer Dbl Aqua 1-1 80’ rigger White dodger/Brad’s Spotted Cow 7-10 61’ rigger White dodger/Brad’s Wonderbread 2-3 40-70 rigger White Inticer/Naughty Leprechaun 0, Smoke dodger/Spotted cow 2-2 5 color Dbl Purple Spook 1-1 7 color Mag Bloody Death 0 8 color Mag Dirty Oz 0 10 color Brad’s Purple Frog 0 Pulled the lead and changed to copper 175 copper MT Dew Opti/chart fly 1-1 200 copper Dirty Oz 0-1 250 copper Dirty Oz 0 300 Copper Spotted Cow LBB teaser 1-1
  22. Has anyone put the new Torpedo swivel tip on their Talora roller guide wire rods and if so are you satisfied. The torpedo version is about half the price of Aftco swivel tips. For those with swivel tips: do you have less curl vs standard tips? Thanks, Grey Beard
  23. Launched 0515 and set lines in front of the harbor with 10 or so other boats finding some bait and nice seas with 48.5 on the surface and 46 down 13’. We struggled a bit to get the lines in and really struggled to catch the biters. We missed the first 4 and for the rest of the day never got to 50%. We made a couple long passes and then the bite slowed finding us sitting on 8 for 18. We saw one charter run in around 7AM and assumed he limited. A friend had headed south looking for better action and then saw another charter friend powering back to the harbor from the south so called him. He was fun fishing and had his 2 man limit so we headed south. Trolled all the way to and beyond the Case discharge and had one bite. Never leave fish to find fish?!?! Pulled and ran back to the harbor area and it was dead there. Called another friend and he said go north young man and sure glad we did and not that far to get bit and never deeper than 33fow. We went through some great pods of bait and each time would get one or two hits but still lots of problems keeping them on. They typically fell off early in the fight or before the rod was out of the holder. None were lost close to the net. Near the end of the trip another 3 losses in a row but finished with a double including our only king bite around 8#. 20 for FORTY SIX. Can’t remember a day quite that before. Boy they are some nice fat Cohos. I was sleep deprived and can’t put together an accurate list of what took what. All three dipsys had orange Bechholds and Bluelongtails and lots of action. Best rigger was an Opti Inticer Mt. Dew/orange tape and glow/green fly with mini spin n glow down 13 and took the king. 2 color and 3 color with Brad’s Lady Bug one mini and one regular, 4 color Trash Can dodger/Brad’s Mt Doo, 2 color red dodger/aqua peanut, mono ThinFish red with black, 2 color ThinFish orange with yellow squiggles. Next few days the weather forecast is not inviting but hope to get back on this action asap. Grey Beard
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