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Center Console's

Nick D

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Need some input on how they handle on Lake Michigan.

I am looking at a Robalo R180 with a Yamaha 115 hp. to set up for Salmon fishing.

I have a Lund 1800 Sport Angler but really liking the looks of the  Robalo.

Let me know the Good, Bad, and ugly for the center console for Salmon fishing.



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I run a 23' Hydra Sports CC w/ 200 hp Yamaha ...

Good: easy clean up, decent seating with seat in front of helm and bow cushions, easy to move around the whole boat, numerous options for rigging

Bad: limited storage, little protection from the elements (both cold or little shade when hot)


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Traded in a Starcraft Islander for a 2014 Robalo R222 with a 200 hp Yamaha. Handles the waves on Lake Michigan very well. Love the ride and layout of this boat. Fishes great. The Yamaha is very quiet and fuel efficient. Other than limited protection from the elements (I have a T-Top) I have not complaints. Positively love this boat.





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I have a center console ProSport 18 and overall I love it. But the smaller cc has very limited space in back so its best if others sit up front (great view of the rods but not as nice to "chat" while fishing). and as others said limited storage and no protection. It fishes great, handles the lake very well up to 2 or 3's depending on how steep. For fishing alone it works super but gets crowded when trying to carry 2 others and all the extra poles. Gotta say though, I do love the boat. Because I bought a larger glass boat for trolling I'm likely going to sell this one though if I find the right aluminum boat as I hope to get into more perch fishing and also for easier launching when there is no dock. 

Picture 009.jpg

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Have had my 21' center console since 1999.  Pretty much agree with what others have said but with a T-Top and electronics box it helps with the storage.  Over the winter I just picked up a canvas/eisenglass curtain system to install in the spring to provide a little protection from colder weather winds -- pic below off Overton's web page.  Generally though, 4 guys fish off it very comfortably for salmon trolling or walleye drifting.  I typically run a 9 rod spread but it handles 12 just fine -- the track system is great for keeping things organized.

A buddy runs a 18' CC Triton that is a bay boat hull.  It is okay but the layout is not nearly as good for trolling and it can't handle much more than a 2' Lake Michigan or Erie chop.  Compared to my Cat hull it rides a lot wetter and isn't anywhere as stable side to side.  It doesn't have a T-Top either -- but does have a live well.


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