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the fishing is starting to get better as the water warming up.

we started in 80 fow on a sw troll picking up fish right away but no hits until about 7:30 an hour into it. dypsy 135 back on a Kevins girlfriend with pickled sunshine fly 14.5 pound king. after that about every 20-30 minutes we picked up another fish on rigger 55 down on blue balls meat rig. fished all the way out to 130 fow and ended up 6/8 finished fishing in shallow about 75 fow going on a ne troll. best speed was a little faster for us around 2.6-3.0

fish were in 45-60 feet deep and MEAT was the ticket for us really any color.





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Hey fishon - nice catch and love the sunset pics! Thanks for sharing :thumb:

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