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I just tie whatever comes out of the package to a swivel and call it good. We've had to retie one about 5 times before it was lost and it caught fish at all lengths. As for speed. EH, that's all on the day. One thing to do is to put your flasher/fly in the water and make sure it looks right. I prefer a mixture of paddles and spin doctors. I really like the action the big weenie style flashers give off. Saying that, I down own any big weenie paddles just a very old one that is just a precursor to it. They're not carried locally so I haven't bought any big weenie ones. If I was just starting out i'd probably start there.

Now, as for flies. I prefer to put a meat rig on the flasher/spin doctor instead of a fly.

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I tie my own Flies, the size of the flasher makes a big difference on the length of the leader. For a standard Spin Doctor I usually like an 18" leader, if running a fly off a trash can shorter is often better, about 2x the length of the dodger. If you are running 11" Paddles or Magnum Spin Docs longer leads work well. Most commercially packaged flies are already the correct length. put on a swivel or a snap and u are ready to fish.

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