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Detroit River 4/26

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Steve and I had the bright idea to head down to the Detroit river Sunday afternoon.

We launched out of Whyandotte around 3pm, and fished up river till dark.

Steve ended up only getting 1 Walleye around Mud Island. Darn wind was hollowing down the river making boat control, and comfort a real pain.

The highlight of the evening was just before dark when I hooked and landed a 4' Sturgeon. The fish jumped out of the water about 2 feet in front of me when first hooked, than proceeded to run up and down the river. My 17' Seanymp has a 80 lb thrust Minkota, and I needed all of it to keep up with the fish as she ran up and down the river.

After a great fight we got her to the top and released her boat side. Sorry, but I did not have the camera equipment along, and it was a bit dark for the cell shots.

We tried fishing down river this am, but the 40 deg temp a 20 mph wind blowing down the river made it less than fun for us.

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