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fs 2 new sealine great lakes reels and rods

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I have 2 new great lakes 47 lc reels and okuma glt copper/leadcore rods 75.00 each. both reels were spooled with backing and 300 copper but they were to full so I stripped it back off. would make great 200' or 250' or leadcore rigs. you pay shipping for rods and i'll pay shipping on reels. or pick up in Muncie in for 130.00 for the pair.

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Can you please let me know if you don't sell them my cell number is 517-719-1755 I know there is a guy ahead me but if he does not buy I will

I will let you know. but im pretty sure he wants them. but he is paying by money order so I wont know for sure until I get the money order.


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