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I'm moving up there from Ann Arbor did alot of fishing in Lake Erie last year. Fishing up there will be whole new game.Looking forward to learning where and how to do the new deal with all the different fish all around. Dont think I will put my boat in dock this year so I can learn where I might want to fish. Thanks for all the welcomes and look forward to learning from you all and sharing all my mistakes or maybe even a good post or two.

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its been so long since I fished for salmon in lake Michigan and all the new tricks to catching them I would be of no help to you. but if you fish erie I might be able to help. to start with on erie you might want to try jig fishing on the reefs from ice out until you quit catching fish. then you start slow trolling cranks at the areas that gets posted. you can speed up a bit as the water warms and even try some harnesses. I have fished the western basin up through july. but now I do a little jig fishing with a friend then I quit until the bite is on in the central basin. I fish out of Geneva and over to bula. I fish with 6 lite bite slide divers, 3 on each side. im usually fish in about 65' to 74' of water. got to go ice fishing here in sunny fl. (its been raining off and on all night, LOL.


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