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Port Sheldon 8/22 am & pm

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Seems to be picking up and I think it helps to be able to go out consecutive days.

AM - 6 for 8. 160-180 FOW. 2.3 SOG. All Kings 12-17# range and 1 shaker.

PM - 5 for 6. 160-180 FOW. 2.1 SOG. All Kings 11-17# range.

Rigs that took hits:

- 200 copper (60#) with Purple Holographic protroll & mirage fly - 2 for 3.

- Mag Wire Diver 160 back, green meat rig, 10" blue & white crush spindoctor - 2 for 3.

- Mag Braid diver 160 back, 10" blue crush spindoctor mirage fly. 2 for 2

- Rigger 75 down, Moo Moo meat rig, 10" purple mirage spindoctor - 3 for 4

- Rigger 85 down, Blue Bubble spindoctor/fly - 1 for 1

Rigger 70 down, Moonshine Bread Winner - 1 for 1

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Good job! Put us to shame. We went 2 for 3 in the PM. Started in 150 at 6pm. Took 3 hits in 155 in the first hour. Went dry for an hour. Headed out to 170 turned around and headed East all the way to 85 without getting bit. Pulled lines in the dark at 9:30.

1 hit on green 8 inch spinnie meat

6lb laker and 8lb king on 11 inch white paddle hypnotist fly 120 down

Which way did you get hit? Had a strong current from the Southwest so we had to do 2.1 to stay below 2.7 down speed headed that way. If you were doing 2.1 SOG in any sort of North heading your lures must have been barely moving. Maybe that was the key :confused:

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