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Holland 8/10 -- 6 for 10

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The day didn't start good as we didn't launch until about 8 am missing the dawn bite. We headed out southwest to 120 FOW and started scouting for marks. Didn't find much until we got to 160 where we set lines. With only 2 of us we went with 2 riggers, 2 wire divers, and 2 inline board rods -- seemed odd since every other trip this year has had 3 or 4 anglers and more rods.

Action started right away. First put out the FishHawk X4 rigger with a mag Stinger NBK and it got hit as the second rigger was being set. Minutes later I was letting a wire diver out 120 on 1 with a UV Black Momba BW meat rig that got hit at 55' out -- missed the fish though. The hot rod for the day was a 300 32# copper with a mag Moonshine RV wonder bread spoon.

  1. Rigger - 60' Mag Stinger NBK, Steelhead, lost on 2nd jump. 0 for 1
  2. Wire diver - 55' out (going for 120') UV Black Momba meat rig, ??? lost because didn't see it quick enough. 0 for 2.
  3. 300 32# copper Mag Moonshine RV Wonder Bread, 8# Steelhead. 1 for 3
  4. Rigger - 55' but on a free slider orange/silver Lucky Lure, 6# Steelhead, 4 jumps within 50' of the back of the boat. Last jump went right in the landing net. 2 for 4
  5. 300 32# copper Mag Moonshine RV Wonder Bread, 9# Laker. 3 for 5
  6. 300 32# copper Mag Moonshine RV Wonder Bread, Steelhead, lost. 3 for 6
    *** At this point we put out a 2nd Moonshine RV Wonder Bread on the 45# copper.
  7. 300 45# copper Mag Moonshine RV Wonder Bread, 12# Steelhead. 4 for 7
  8. 300 32# copper Mag Moonshine RV Wonder Bread, [email protected] Steelhead, 5 for 8
  9. 300 32# copper Mag Moonshine RV Wonder Bread, don't know but had to be a very good King since it made multiple good runs and head shakes before getting into the other copper and managed to somehow open the Sampo snap swivel. lost :mad:. 5 for 9
  10. Rigger - 55' Mag Blue Whale, 7# King, hit 3 seconds after I popped the rigger off to change the lure and let it flutter up. 6 for 10.

Overall a decent day. Would have been a great day if the big King hadn't gotten off. I had commented earlier in the day to my fishing buddy that coppers are not too much fun unless the fish is a good sized King as they turn the fight of other fish into what you get from walleye. This one really proved how powerful a King is as it made multiple good runs prior to getting the Walleye board off and then two or three more with copper back on the reel. Of course I don't really know how big it was since we never got it closer than 200', but I'm sure it was over 20#. One of the ones that will give me nightmares until the next big King is in the net.

We spent most of the day trolling between 120 and 180 FOW on SW, SE, NW, NE trolls from Holland down to Saugatuck with most of the action from 120 to 140 FOW

We never really marked many fish anywhere. Most marks were either 100 to 130' down or in the 40 to 60' range. Tried putting a rigger deeper at times but no hits. Odd that the wire divers with meat rigs only took the one rip early. Most trips this year have had them be the hot presentation.

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Everyone I talked to on Sat struggled ( we went 0 for 1 ). Sun We got 1 king on a wire blue bubble spinny at 130, then picked up a laker on the same, another laker on 5 color double orange crush. 3 for 4, Worst luck that I have ever had salmon fishing :( It was beautiful out though:thumb:

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