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  1. keep at it Bob..... good job! Its still to cold for me. Weds looking pretty good for Erie
  2. good for you getting out there,. you are much more outdoorsy than me I got to wait a couple more degrees warmer.. thanks for the report
  3. thanks for the pics..... I have no memory for names of lures so your reports are great nice fish, Its too tempting so I'm heading out tomorrow
  4. all the info the guys are giving you is great. I would just say that you have to make the decision based on your prioities. I fished a 21.5 ft syvan offshore 140 I/O that had plenty of room for 4 fisherman in the back, handled 4 footers fine and was easy on gas. It was tough to put in a smaller lake but the kids could climb in and out for tubeing easily.
  5. welcome, There are so many places and species to fish within 20 miles of grand haven it will take you years to put a dent in ways to catch'em.
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