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Lake Michigan This Year

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We went our Friday night the 22nd and got 3. An 8# steely, an 11# coho and a 13# king fishing from about 6 to 10PM. Hit it again Saturday morning and got skunked. Our first goose egg of the year.

I saw only one boat net a fish the entire morning. Along about 8-8:30 in the morning 3 of the local charters showed up in our vicinity and started trolling the same pattern we were doing, running from about 100' out to 300 and then back.

We were bummed about getting skunked and then to top it off a couple guys in a small boat cut right across behind us and clipped 3 of our lines. 2 Leads and a wire. Made a mess of everything.

What is the etiquette supposed to be when you are trolling the same pattern as everyone else and some goofball is running through everyone at a 90* angle? Do you shoot above the water line or below?:mad:;)

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We had a guy, Doug from Big Rapids, teacher and fun fisherman, NOT a CHARTER, get 13 for 17 tonight. 9 jumpers and 4 kings out to 300' FOW. Here's a few pics. of some caught and the action. Thompson Marina Ludington is where the Action IS! Thanks, and so, it doesn't get much better, or does it? I think the Big MOES are still staging up soon, and will bring us a real bounty in the next 2-3 weeks. The PM River guides I know say the PM River is dry right now, that means tha Big Run is still to come, late, as everything is this season.




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