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  1. Got a smart Phone? Look up the Navionics app. It's $10 and shows bottom contours of the Lakes. Any lakes for that matter. I have used it as a backup for my GPS/sounder for a couple years and it is spot on. It also has a "divider" (not sure if that's the right term) that you can use to determine distance from point A to point B. Shows speed and compass bearing also. You hardly need a GPS/plotter with this app. and for $10 you can't beat it.
  2. So....I had the old barge put up last fall, oil changed, winterized, bottom power washed, fuel treatment added, engines fogged etc. What needs to be done to it this spring before dunking it for the summer?
  3. How deep were the steelies and what did they hit?
  4. Have you ever tried a regular old Daredevil spoon?
  5. We went our Friday night the 22nd and got 3. An 8# steely, an 11# coho and a 13# king fishing from about 6 to 10PM. Hit it again Saturday morning and got skunked. Our first goose egg of the year. I saw only one boat net a fish the entire morning. Along about 8-8:30 in the morning 3 of the local charters showed up in our vicinity and started trolling the same pattern we were doing, running from about 100' out to 300 and then back. We were bummed about getting skunked and then to top it off a couple guys in a small boat cut right across behind us and clipped 3 of our lines. 2 Leads and a wire. Made a mess of everything. What is the etiquette supposed to be when you are trolling the same pattern as everyone else and some goofball is running through everyone at a 90* angle? Do you shoot above the water line or below?
  6. My boat is slipped at Solbergs in Manistee and we fish there. Let me start out by saying I am an absolute rookie. This is my first year of fishing on my own boat so I'm the learning curve is nearly a vertical line if you know what I mean........ We have not been skunked any of the times we've been out but come back with only one fish twice. Only one king, the rest coho, lakers and steelhead. Got the boat in the water too late for good brown fishing. Have to say that we are doing excellent with hookup and landing percentage. Only lost one steely that spit the hook about 6" in the air. I am puzzled though by the lake. The fish seem to be very scattered and even at this late summer date, there doesn't seem to be any thermocline. Last Saturday (rough) we were seeing water temps in the 40's at less than 20' down on the Fish Hawk. Makes it tough to find fish. Can't say that we've seen a lot of bait schools either. I have a lot to learn and any pointers would be appreciated.
  7. You can find the Okuma Cold Water reels in the various sizes from about $85-95 on Amazon or E-Bay. I bought a couple new Convectors this spring and the drag went to pieces on one during the second trip. I was told that the Convector and Cold Water have the same "guts" but can't say if that's true or not. The Magda is definitely a class below either of them.
  8. Magda's are not so great. Convectors are good and I really like the Cold Water series. The Diawa's are good too. I have 3 old Penns that refuse to die. For rods I don't think you can beat the value presented by the Traverse Bay Tackle brand sold at MC Sports up in Traverse City. I think it's a private label line for that store only. The quality is great and the price for both Dipsey and rigger rods is as good as I've found on anything, anywhere.
  9. I have 2 Big Jon Captain's pak downriggers for sale. They were in good working order when taken off the boat a couple years ago and come with the swivel bases. The dual rod holder brackets also have a cannon ball holder built into them. They are gold anodized color. Asking $500 for the pair. E-mail me at [email protected] for pictures or details.
  10. These are items I'm looking for Big Arn, not items for sale. Sorry
  11. I was talking Saturday with a captain who has fished with several different brands. Walker, Cannon and Big Jon's were the names I remember from our conversation. He said he settled on Big Jons because he just found them a better fit and easier to use on his boat. The thing that he mentioned several times about the Big Jons was the level of service from the factory up in Interlochen. The example he used was a time when he dropped off 2 Captains Pak riggers for service. The factory replaced the needed parts, both clutches and respooled with new wire. All for no charge and these were not "under warranty". He could not say enough about the service and support he received from them.
  12. Fish hawk X4 series transducer and display only. I have the probe. Also 1 or 2 Big Jon Captains pack riggers. Rod holders, single or multiple. Contact me at 231-920-4808
  13. Have any of you ever tried circle hooks? Did some fishing with them in Florida recently and I was impressed.
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