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went 7-10. Fog made for and interesting navigational experience. Boy do I love my Garmin GPSmap.

3-4 on a 11" Dreamweaver UV Slick Paddle with a KRW riverside rigger down 35

1-2 on a Stinger UV NBK rigger down 30

1-2 on 7 color with a Dreamweaver SS candy apple

1-1 on 3 Color Stinger standard NBK

1-1 on a full core with a Proking Black and gold with a glow ladder back.

6 Kings and one steelie. No real hogs today but a nice group of varying sized fish. Nice to see the 2-3 year olds showing up in my catch. Last few trips has been almost all 4 year olds; I was starting to worry about where the younger fish were until today.

Good Luck out there


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95-125 FOW was the depth for us. We ran till I found water on the down temp that was above 41-42 deg. We found 44 down 35 in 95. However, I noticed on the way in and we were pulling lines that the SW wind had pushed the temp in toward shore. We pulled lines in 80 FOW and had the right down temp.

We have consistently found fish the last couple weeks by looking for that slightly warmer water of 44-45deg compared to the surronding 40-41 deg.

Good luck on sunday.


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