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Slide diver rings and weights

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I am planning on switching over my high divers to slide divers this year and I was wondering what you guys are using for weights and rings on them? I currently run mags on my low diver and standard high diver, and I was thinking of running the lite bite slide diver with the standard weight and a mag ring. I am looking to get roughly that 3:1 ratio on the slide diver. Thoughts?

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I spoke with Eric from slide diver Friday. He's offering a package deal on a ring and 7 oz weight that he says will hit 150'. I ordered several.

this is the first time I've heard of a 7 oz weight. if you want something that heavy you might want to contact eric. the weight set I got has a 2 oz and a 4 oz weight.


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wow, and that was braid so with wire we are talking maybe better than 2:1. last year on the east end of Lake O we were fishing our mag divers out 330-350. Cut a hundred feet off that with the mag slide divers that sounds good to me.

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