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Trailer or Slip your boat?


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I appreciate all the input. Ended up renting a slip thinking with my limited time I would get more time fishing. So much for thinking.

Life has ways of unravelling plans so the slip is sitting there empty and my boat is sitting on the trailer again. Maybe next week always turns into maybe next month which turns into maybe next year................. Dunno

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I trailer my 18ft center console from SE PA to VA,Erie,Ontario,Finger Lakes.

I just love to fish all over for flounder,kings,SM bass...so i try to figure out wherre the action is and then go ,now that I'm retired

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I have trailered my 18 foot Starcraft for 32 years- it still looks great and I suppose has caught over 200 salmon. I once estimated it's been towed over 35,000 miles. It has a flat cover w a fold down windshield to increase fuel economy. I'd like a better hull to take the waves but guess I will keep it. Good fishin.

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