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  1. Thanks. I did a google but just realized that I entered "Erie,NY"instead of Erie,PA.Another senior momement recorded.
  2. I have been fishing Ontario and Erie for about 20 years. Also like to fish for flounder in the DE Bay and the Cape Charles Area of VA Now that I'm retired I plan on just fishing some place from ice out to to Novemeber 1. I've been visiting this site for a while ,but now that Im going to fish the Great Lakes a klot more I thought I'd register I've found some really good advice on this site,and I hope I can contribute, in some small way,when I post Tom AFISHN
  3. I usually fish for SM for one week in May on Lake Erie from Erie,PA. I trailer from SE PA This year I want to store my boat up near Erie for a month and just fish Monday through Wednesdays the entire month. Any suggestions where I can store an 18ft boat thanks Tom
  4. I trailer my 18ft center console from SE PA to VA,Erie,Ontario,Finger Lakes. I just love to fish all over for flounder,kings,SM bass...so i try to figure out wherre the action is and then go ,now that I'm retired
  5. Need a used galvinized boat trailer with 16-20 rollers for my 18ft (weight 2,000 lbs) Has to be in good condition since I trailer the boat a lot Would go new but the cost is $2,200 for loadrite and the boat,while vg running,is only worth $4,000 PM me here I fish Erie and Ontario about 20 times a year and can take a look at whatever you have very easily Thanks Tom
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