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Big fish from the weekend!

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22lb female caught in 100 FOW on a downrigger 90 down using a white flasher with pearl tape and artic blast fly.


28.5 male caught in 85 FOW on 200 copper using a yellow ladder back Lyman plug.


The 22 pounder caught on Saturday was my personal best until today :grin:.

Thanks to Jeff on Veni Vidi Fishi for helping me break a day old record with a 28.5 pound hog!

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Congrats on the fish Tung. That head should make your Dad a good pot of soup.

Reel Therapy

Good point Clyde. I almost always forget to save the heads while cleaning until Jeff mentioned he saves the heads for a friend that uses them to make fish stock.

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Nice job Tung.

I saw you at the fish cleaning station on Saturday. You borrowed Dirty Dogs scale to weight you fish. I had the yellow and black hat on.

It was nice meeting you Mike. My friend from Chicago was adamant about weighing the fish, thank goodness Terry had a scale.

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