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A little late on the report due to family wanting to do some fishing, but who can blame them. So here it is:

7-9 AM Dad and I headed out to 75 fow and setup heading west. Started noticing that the volt gauge was dancing all over the place so I killed the nav lights as the sky brighten enough to see all the boats. As we are discussing how to go about the return trip the downrigger with a Big Weenie meat rig goes. 5 mins into the fight, the dipsy with an Oceana fly and white paddle goes. After 25 mins of fight both fish landed, an 18 and 20 lb King. Headed in to find the voltage issue. 2-2 Not bad considering.

7-9 pm Voltage issue was a bad battery, so with a new one, I headed out with Mom and Dad around 5:30. Same setup as the morning trip, only better results. It started slowly but ended with very happy people. We fished east west trolls from 90 -125 fow. Here's what worked:

250 copper- Key Lime fly/Frog Racer SD- 2 for 2 Kings #15 and #22 (a new record for me :thumb:)

Dipsy 125 bk on 1.5- Oceana fly/White SD- 4 for 4, 3 Kings 1 Coho #18,#15,#2 and #12

BW Meat rig off DR- 0 for 1, Knock off

6 for 7 Great night!

Great results being the first trip in 3 weeks and now I had an idea for when to take my cousins tomorrow.

7-10 pm Took my cousins out for an evening trip. We started really slow. The pack of boats sat at 120 so we stopped short in 70 fow. When we finally made it out to 120 some of the boats had left making it a little less the combat fishing, but it was still close to it. Let the pack head north and we continued south almost to Rosy Mound. Fish only hit on south trolls. Late in the evening we moved into 95 fow with the same type of troll need to take fish. So here's what worked:

Dipsy 150 bk on 1.5- No See Um/Mtn Dew SD 2 for 2, Coho and King #8 and #15

Dipsy 125 bk on 1.5- Oceana/White SD 2 for 4, Coho and King #9 and #12

10 cl leadcore- Atomic Melon Moonshine 1 for 1 King #8

Great couple days on the lake! Good Luck

Keep Em' Tight

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