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Manitoulin Island King!


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I'm not doing the derby I have a wedding to attend or else would definitely be there. Good story of the rock n roar. gotta make it there one of these years.

I picked up 3 chinnoks 3 lakers in meldrum sat morn. Then fished west bay sunday afternoon for a go and hit a 12# near honora bay. A guy out there picked up 3 while I was there. The big one being 23#.... he was running a NK mag with a blue strip. We were fishign deep 70-100 in 120 fow

I think since Gore bay had a very successful salmon spawn and plant 4yrs ago. it just might be the place to be these next couple weeks for some monsters returning to spawn.

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Just got back from holidays...man it's tough after 12 days off. I did amazing in Michael's Bay...fished after supper till around 10-10:30pm...caught chinny's every time out. 30' of water using riplin redfins...blue / black / green...didn't matter. I was setting dipsy's 75-80' back on a "3" setting..wasn't sure it would work being so close to the boat. They hit them more often than the riggers...3-1 probably. Had multiple double headers..once when alone...landed one fish only..lol

I seem to be doing better than anyone else out there...didn't see many fish being caught from other boats. Once it got dark I would switch to Mr. Flounder Pounder...those fish go crazy over that lure..I went and bought 4 from the up top.

Best night was 7 for 11! 90% of fish were nice and silver still. Anyway...had some of the best fishing memories...biggest fish was 19.7lbs caught by my father in law.

Water temp was 69-71 degrees in the bay.


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