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  1. they are Scotty downrigger releases...i will try bigger bend in rod when setting....do you let the rod set the hook...or when you pull rod out do you set again?? Thanks
  2. I have been using NK's with a 3/0 Siwash and have had a hard time keeping fish on all year. I also use the yellow foam pad releases...I have been setting them just enough in the clip so they don't pop off from waves....Is this a possible reason I am losing fish?
  3. This is truly an amazing place on earth! **Great fishing also!**
  4. Just wondering if anyone has been out on the Island yet? I hear the water is still very cold and not many are being caught.
  5. Just got back from holidays...man it's tough after 12 days off. I did amazing in Michael's Bay...fished after supper till around 10-10:30pm...caught chinny's every time out. 30' of water using riplin redfins...blue / black / green...didn't matter. I was setting dipsy's 75-80' back on a "3" setting..wasn't sure it would work being so close to the boat. They hit them more often than the riggers...3-1 probably. Had multiple double headers..once when alone...landed one fish only..lol I seem to be doing better than anyone else out there...didn't see many fish being caught from other boats. Once it got dark I would switch to Mr. Flounder Pounder...those fish go crazy over that lure..I went and bought 4 from the up top. Best night was 7 for 11! 90% of fish were nice and silver still. Anyway...had some of the best fishing memories...biggest fish was 19.7lbs caught by my father in law. Water temp was 69-71 degrees in the bay. Jason
  6. wonder what kind of effect the low water will have on the numbers in 3-4 years? i noticed the water dropped 2 inches in the last week in Michaels. Can barely get my boat off the trailer.
  7. Ya the fishing has gotten better the last 2 years...and the kings are healthier looking too. Is it me..or are the fish a little early this year?
  8. Don't have any moonshine Mags Ron..just the regular guys. Surface temp at Michael's was 59.5-61.5, hmmm...didn't try any pink. I lost 2 decent fish on the flounder pounder...took 200 feet then dropped it?? Think I'm going to replace hooks with singles for next weekend. I have my drags set pretty light..not sure if that would cause the hook not to burry in? I'm on holidays next week..gonna stay out late with the full moon..should be alot of fun.
  9. This is what it looked like at dusk
  10. had 4 different ones out..and flounder pounder hit 4 times. going to pick up another one on the weekend! lol
  11. Went 7-9 on the weekend at Michael's...8-12lbs....all males. I'm not sure why? Most were caught on moonshine spoons as soon as sun disappeared. lowrance lit up like a christmas tree at dusk. My 8 year old & I had our first double header..was pretty crazy...but landed both fish!
  12. Ya it was long for sure Ken...solid fish, but not a pig like those Lake Ontario brutes.
  13. I haven't tried in a few years...I used to launch my 16' Lund off the rock ledge past the light house. I also heard they are killing them there. bout a 2 hour drive from me (Mindemoya). I tend to stick to Michael's this time of year. Lot of nice kings checkin out the bay. If you go let me know how you make out Claude. I would like to run out there maybe once this year.
  14. Michael's Bay...out by rock pile in 40' It was a blast for sure...his arms are still sore. haha He has the fever now!
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