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Grand haven update. 8-3

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Fishing is good one and slower the next, the big kings are starting to show up in good numbers. We are fishing 70-200ft with. 80-120 being the best. White fish scale flasher with the oceana on the chute. Out downs with uv yellow tux and uv clown, Michigan dolphins with uv veggies on the sliders. Mongoose, doctor, gator, carmel dolphin, uv Michigan dolphins on the coppers and lead. 7-300 coppers. Uv blue dolphin flasher with last supper, live wire with illusion, from with hypnotist flasher have been best on low divers, 100-180 back.

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Thanks for the report. Yesterday was not so great for us yesterday. If it could go wrong, IT DID. Guy with the net stunk, stuff breaking. Whining aside. 6 of 7 hits came on Meat, 5 of those on divers out 170 on 3. Spoons yesterday, 7 in the water, not one hit. Got a report from the boat this morning, all flies on paddles and Spin Doctors, 300 copper. 2 kings over 20, plus a 14. 120FOW.

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Had nothing but bad luck myself in GH Sunday Morning. Graph was filled but I couldn't get so much as a release to save my life. Surrounded by charters, and seems everyone else was catching fish all around me but we ended up washing lures and tangling about $60 worth of lead core to boot!

Tried every direction just don't know what we were doing wrong!

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