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6/8 - 6/9/2013

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Fished Au Gres Saturday & Sunday. Got away from the crowd a little bit and found some active fish. Fished 25-45fow. 4 inlines and 2 bouncers over the side. Pinks, purples, perch color and some brite colors in the mix.

Saturday we ended up with 10 healthy walleye, we measured the smallest fish, and it measured 18"


<a  href=%7Boption%7Dhttp://i1014.photobucket.com/albums/af263/J-Wheeler/060913131845_zps738698e2.jpg' alt='060913131845_zps738698e2.jpg'>

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These are some dandy fish, good job. Were you staying in campground?

Yes, we stayed at the city campground. Will be back up on Friday to fish and stay the night, and fish again Saturday. If the weather/waves look good enough we're going to try and take my kids out to fish Father's Day on Sunday for a little while....

Will you be at the campground this weekend?

And, did you hear me Hollering out my window at you Saturday morning?

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Nice bunch of fish there buddy, you fishin' the tourney this weekend? I can't make it, Adam's birthday Saturday then I'm working on the new ride Sunday at mom's house then hopefully putting it in the water for an inaugural run on the river.

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