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Pymatuning Lake - Apr 27 & 28, 2013

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Fished a day and a half over the weekend. Put out of Padanaram launch both days and fished the north half of the lake. We drifted jigs with minnows or worms.

Saturday was blue skys but low wind. Caught 4 walleye, 4 keeper perch, 2 crappie, and 2 big bluegills. No consisten location/structure for the walleyes, but more often than not in 10-12 feet of water.

Sunday was overcast and a nice wind picking up to heavy wind by noon. Caught 1 walleye, 4 perch, and 5 big crappie. Caught the biggest crappie between the islands south of padanaram (two 14 inchers and two 12 inchers) when the wind was really blowing. We were drifting really fast, practically trolling speeds.

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