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What should my stocking get stuffed with?


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My wife was asking for my x-mas list today......If you were just starting out salmon fishing in lake michigan, what would be a few of the must have setups you would request for x-mas? I need to buy some spoons/flys/jplugs, so I don't have to keep bothering my buddy to borrow his!!

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I guess it all depends on what your favorite or most heard about spoon company is on what spoons to get. For example, Stinger, Dreamweaver, Northern King, Silver Streak, etc. You then want to get the most popular and productive spoons from that specific company or even a mix of other company's best spoons. The same goes for the flashers. For example, the Spin Doctor vs. FishCatcher flasher or even the Revelator flasher. Again, the same goes for flies. For example, Rapture Fly, Action Fly, or Horse Fly.

These choices are all based on regions and popularity in that specific region. For example, I am referring mainly to the South Haven to Whitehall area. A lot of companies do have their best and most productive catchers and sellers for certain areas. Personally, I have to recommend Stingers, Rapture Flies, and the Spin Doctor as our best catching tools, because we have the most confidence and faith in these products. Another guy will have three different products listed because he has the most confidence in them. It is the best to talk to fellow anglers and see what their best and favorite lures are. It takes years and years to accumulate products from various companies.

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Tort - If like my mine, she won't know the difference between any of them and won't really want to stand in the tackle aisle reading the packages. My advice is to tell her "a bunch of spoons in the neighborhood of 3-4" long, mostly silver, some green, some orange, some blue and some combinations thereof, but don't forget GLOW." (you're bound to get some good ones)


Tom B.


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WOW such choices......I will be fishing out of Grand Haven to St. Joe. I typically have time to fish in early April to Mid May, then late August. What lures/presentations do you find effective at those times of year?

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Well for the times you mentioned I would ask for a generic bunch of stuff that will work under most instances. Some days you want small, some days mags so just go with regular sizes. While certain manufacturers stuff will shine sometimes, any will do.

spoons - blue dolphin, green dolphin, wahoo, purple kevorkian, and double orange crush.

flys - white, blue bubble, pickled monkey, seeweed, and some mirages. (make some small for spring cohos)

plugs - j-plugs in greens,silvers, and blues.

jointed rapalas size11 or 13 in orange/gold will catch a ton of fish.

Some 8" rotators in white, green, and blue. (w/white glo crush)

Some flashers in silver, and orange.

There are tons more to choose from, but these will be a good start to build from.

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For April and May, you mainly only need Spoons and then August you need more Flasher/Fly combinations and Plugs. We fish out of Grand Haven and tournaments from South Haven to Muskegon.

In terms of Spoons: Mixed Veggies, Natural Born Killer, Blue Dolphin, Green Dolphin, Double Orange Crush, and Carmel Dolphin

In terms of Flies: Hypnotist, Wild Fern, Blue Bubble, Oceana, Snow Ghost, and Green Krinkle

In terms of Flashers: These are 8 inch flashers; White/Double Crushed Glow, Green/Double Crushed Glow, White/Blue Bubble (Blue Holo/Crushed Glow), and White/Green/Crushed Glow

In terms of Plugs: Pearl/Black Dot Tomic, Chrome/Red Head, Fickle Pickle, Green Glo, Green Glo/Black Ladderback, and Mongoose

Anyways, the list could go on and on and on. If you have any specific questions feel free to PM me or message me on here. Good Luck and I hope your stockings are overflowing with lures. :)

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Great thinking Dv8or!!

A couple of inline boards wouldn't hurt either!

Try to have her get you what you need for spring and then you can just add a couple lures here and there to get you through the season.

For St. Joe:

Some spoons in the colors already mentioned, jointed Rapalas in orange/gold, and small orange flashers with p-nut flies will get it done for lures. Then ask for a pair (or more:grin:) of in-line boards and a couple of clear dipseys will get you some spring fish.

Come May you'll want to start running some rotator/fly combos too.(Maybe the Easter Bunny will hide some for you!)

There's a ton more you can ask for if the stocking is big enough though!

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